Sunsail BVI: Ep. 1 - The Contest

Sunsail BVI: Ep. 1 - The Contest
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In 2011, Sunsail wanted to showcase it's British Virgin Islands charter fleet. So it ran a contest among its former BVI charter customers. The winners, a family with a young son and daughter, and two couples, would cruise BVIs free while staring in a promotional video produced and narrated by sailing legend Gary Jobson--not a bad deal! The family sails on a catamaran while the couples sail on a monohull. The two charters visit all the key destinations in the British Virgin Islands.

Meet the Sunsail contest winners through highlights from their entries -- home videos showing their desire to sail once again in the magic waters of the BVI. Then join the couples during their dockside briefing by a Sunsail Sailing Master.

Early mariners from Venezuela were the first to visit the BVIs around the year 900 AD. Chris Columbus came ashore on his second voyage in 1493. In the seventeenth century, Pirates found safe haven in the BVI's many hidden coves. The Spanish and Dutch were the first Europeans to occupy the BVI followed by the British who exported sugar, molasses and rum. Today, the locals still fish and farm, but also participate in the new vacation economy.

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