Series Trailer - Latitudes & Attitudes TV: Season 1, Ep. 1

SERIES TRAILER for the premiere season of Latitudes & Attitudes TV, Bob Bitchin's groundbreaking sailing magazine TV series which was broadcast on various U.S. cable channels from 2004 through 2008.

All five seasons of Latitudes & Attitudes TV are now included with your SailFlix subscription - nearly 24 hours of sailing lifestyle content. Check them out at

In Season 1, Episode 1, meet hosts, Bob Bitchin and Courtney Haas sailing aboard s/v Saga in the Pacific Ocean. The episode features sailing destination segments, how-to content, boat & gear reviews, Lats & Atts Magazine subscriber submissions, and a final "Attitudes" riff by Bob.

The Premiere Episode segments include: “Other People’s Paradise”, “Sans Souci Maiden Voyage”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, ATN’s Top Climber, new Tartan 4400 review, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

The series follows this structure through five seasons and sixty-five thirteen 22 minute episodes - just about 24 hours of content. Enjoy.

NOTE: this month, April 2019, Bob reclaimed rights to the trade name "Latitudes & Attitudes" (lost during a business dispute some years back.) His new magazine, Cruising Outpost will henceforth be named Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine - the best selling nautical publication on U.S. newsstands and in marine stores.

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