▶️Linia PRODUCȚIE DE YACHT🚤💦: Fabricarea bărcilor➕SuperYachts – Cum se face? [Boat & Yacht Building]
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Cum este construit iahtul? Videoclip pe linia de asamblare de la fabricile de bărci din întreaga lume. Filme documentare ale fabricii de producție {MANUFACTURING} și Timelapse. Fabricare interioare, exterioare, punte, cockpit, vela mare, jip, prova etc… Documentar Mega CruiseShip Factory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmwFbZa3SWc Ce părere aveți despre acest videoclip?👲Lasă-mă cunoaște-ți feedback-ul de mai jos✍✍ Îți place acest videoclip? Abonați-vă și sunați la clopoțel ((🔔)) pentru notificare: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC44tnMZkgUTlRGcxenPWdJw?sub_confirmation=1 00:00 Bavaria Yacht: Tur al fabricii 10:53 Amels Yacht: Cum este făcut? 13:40 Damen, NLD 14:21 Lurseen SuperYacht: Fabrică de asamblare 17:57 Faedship Yacht: Proces de fabricație 21:21 Princess SuperYacht: Construit în fabrică 24:39 Heesen SuperYacht: Linie de producție 🔒Unde sunt fabricate iahturile? Cele mai luxoase iahturi din lume sunt construite în șantierele navale din Țările de Jos și Germania de către faimoșii constructori de iahturi Feadship, Blohm+ Voss și Amels, care sunt evaluați printre cei mai buni constructori de iahturi de astăzi. 🔒Cum sunt fabricate bărcile? Cu toate acestea, în cazul construcției de bărci din fibră de sticlă, componentele majore ale bărcii – carena, puntea, căptușeala și părțile mari, cum ar fi consolele – sunt turnate din fibră de sticlă. … Mucegaiul este mai întâi pulverizat cu gelcoat, apoi se aplică o cârpă din fibră de sticlă, iar apoi se folosește rășina pentru a satura sau „uda” fibra de sticlă. #Yachtproduction #Yachtfactory #boatproduction


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  1. My wife worked for Mastercraft in the fiberglass process for the first year we were married. It was always like kissing a menthol when we kissed and she always had fiberglass coming out of her hands.

  2. The modular construction is this not a inherent weakness in it's length, if not how do you get over this problem between each section been joint too each other. Like a continuous keel on older ships.

  3. Все заводах легковых автомобилей самолёта и корабля изделий материалов нуждается клеят тканевые натяжные потолки лодки похожие какое время деньгами раньше алюминий самолёт хуже когда человек узнать летаем слышны звуки трески лопнула алюминий самолёт не пригодится скорости против тажелые металла материалов только поиска моторные лодки похожие трактор больше нельзя многими им личный килограмм веса нельзя простой краски цена только смоляные клея водяной не подходят твердый как пластмассы остальные выполнения мебели мелочи но дороговато миллионов долларов США почему я тоже мечтающих плавание океанариум путешествие в заявке мираж американский Индия Африки Азии Японии Китае подряд кинокомпаний смин🚤

  4. Building the yacht very tidiest. Masterpiece of the complicated to concord of the seas.
    To made the yacht sailing safely is another major issue, involving the costs operating, the crews on board, the permissions to dock internationally for each venturing out/in at sea shores.
    Owning the yacht or the boat- just as burning money. You couldn’t operate by yourself nor heading out waters with families without professional crews onboard.
    I wouldn’t have such fun with crews onboard and paying them to help me to have fun’s with my yacht(No, I rather operating by my own to seven seas).

  5. ..

    …and a few more toys for the Russian oligarchs emerge. If half the $$ spent on these yachts, and the spaceships that the REALLY rich guys seem to need, were instead spent on some humanitarian projects, who know what might happen. If they got in a contest to see who could do the most to cure disease, hunger, climate change, or any of the world’s woes, maybe we’d see a better place for future generations. Nah, I’d just like to have a longer yacht (dick) than the other guy.

  6. how funny , we tell everyone that we will have to make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint , but the richest continue to consume and pollute happily ! our small cars which consume little diesel or gasoline pollute while the richest drive in Bugatti Chiron which can empty its huge tank in less than 15 minutes!! they're making fun of us !!

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