Ep.  134, ⛵️ Blocat într-o furtună ⛈️
29 1 minut 2 luni

Partea 62 a unei serii: Navigarea Tampa Bay la Key West. Așteptând să sosească o furtună în Midnight Pass, un navigator este blocat pe un banc de nisip. Ashley explorează plaja și Mike prinde pește. Pasagerii ambarcațiunii blocate se urcă la bordul „Split Personality” (barca noastră cu vele) și privesc cum o altă barcă încearcă să o remorce în siguranță. Furtuna vine cu vânt puternic, ploaie și fulgere. MAI MULTE VIDEO pe Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Barefootsailingadventures Conținut necenzurat: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/barefootuncensored (deschide cu browser pentru a vedea biblioteca completă) Consultați restul opțiunilor noastre de îmbrăcăminte aici: https://teespring. com/stores/barefoot-apparel MUZICA: de Harper și Foote


29 de comentarii la „Ep. 134, ⛵️ Blocat într-o furtună ⛈️

  1. Great video, nice you all found that nook to keep safe from the storm. Gotta wonder if the tow boat hooked up to the front of the stuck boat, seems like it would have been an easier tow. Have a great week.

  2. Never funny in thunderstorms aso. But you are a good CPT and having the best spot for shelter. Maybe the boaters have to step out and push. Now 3 persons in it makes the boat goes deeper. Cu on the next vid.

  3. Every time I'm out there this happens. We have sandbars and skinny water everywhere around this area, but especially around Midnight Pass since its not open. All the sand just keeps building up.
    So many people move here and buy a boat, don't bother learning the area, don't get a depth finder because they don't fish and forget the #1 rule of running the flats: Stay away from brown water, especially at high tide. Do your exploring at low tide and keep your speed low.
    We also have oyster bars everywhere.
    That's a whole 'nother problem.
    A much worse one too. Twice so far I had to save tourists who got stuck on a bar and jumped out onto oysters to push off. One barefoot. I don't know if they saved his feet, one was really bad and got infected. Ruined the family vacation though.
    Common sense. Use it.

  4. Well, I guess I’d better check in, been a while since I did. My two favorite sea people, Captain Mike and the every gorgeous sea nymph best looking girl to ever Grace a motor sailboat, yep you are right , LOVABLE, SEXY, GREAT SMILING, LOOKING GOOD IN OR OUT OF A BIKINI, ASHLEY. HUH, what say Mike, I over did it again. Well, she is that and more, makes me wish I was 30 again and not afraid of being on water! Love you two! HT

  5. Hello! It's great when you can relax and peacefully relax! This is a great storyline! We didn't have a holiday this year. However, like work, because the war!!! Greetings to you from Ukraine! 👍👍👍Здравствуйте! Это здорово, когда можно спокойно и мирно отдыхать! Это – прекрасный сюжет! У нас, в этом году, отдыха не было. Впрочем, как и работы, потому что война!!! Привет Вам из Украины!

  6. Well, it seems to me that the captain of that boat that got stuck should have told his passengers to go over the side to help float it off the bar and also you don't full throttle it forward, you go aft which would have been best. Bad call captain 👎🛥️

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