Uneori îmi vine să RENUN DE YOUTUBE 😡
24 2 minute o lună

Cel mai descurajant lucru despre a fi un creator YouTube… Ne iubim absolut stilul nostru de viață și suntem atât de recunoscători pentru toți urmăritorii noștri și pentru toate posibilitățile pe care ni le-a oferit acest canal. DAR când se întâmplă acest gen de lucruri, nu poți să nu te simți frustrat. Am vrut doar să vă dăm o scurtă privire asupra tipului de lucruri cu care ne ocupăm în domeniul nostru de activitate… vă mulțumim că ați ascultat micul nostru dezgust! Dacă doriți să vedeți episodul despre care am discutat în videoclip, vizionați aici: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-G5Eq9i5ck Urmărește seria noastră de documente în 4 părți: https://80northseries .com Protejați-vă de soare! https://svdelos.com/rashguards Susține videoclipurile noastre- Trimite-ne dragoste http://svdelos.com/beer http://patreon.com/svdelos Ne finalizăm navigarea în jurul lumii, așa că mai sunt multe de văzut ! Sprijinul dvs. va finanța echipamente mai bune pentru cameră, internet pentru a încărca videoclipuri și, desigur, lubrifianți creativi pentru a ușura procesul de editare 🙂 http://svdelos.com/camera – Echipament recomandat pentru cameră! http://svdelos.com – Abonați-vă la noul nostru site minunat. http://instagram.com/svdelos – În culise. http://facebook.com/svdelos – Like-ne pe Facebook http://svdelos.com/gear/ – Sprijină-ne cumpără un tricou dulce Delos!


24 de comentarii la „Uneori îmi vine să RENUN DE YOUTUBE 😡

  1. Hola familia Delos, I just subscribed to your channel yesterday. Absolutely love your wonderful content, inspiring adventures & beautiful attitude about living life
    FYI ….those utoob burócratas, bots and bozos can beso mí patooty.
    Keep the beer cold and sails trimmed !🌴

  2. Well, west is the west, it is just … corrupted, genderred, stupid … You accept it so you have its cosequences. Anyway you are correct in your reaction.

  3. This is why so many creators end up migrating most of the work to other platforms (Patreon, etc).
    Youtube gives them limited controls, no appeals, fickle rewards. It has population and popularity … but none of the big numbers matter when the algorithm and the corporation keep pointing people away from you.

  4. Google at it's best: Your content is in breach of our guidelines, we know what that is and will be restricting your video, but we won't tell you what the problems is, you need to read our complicated guidelines and figure it out for yourself… but we know exactly what the problem is and what you need to do to fix it, but we won't tell you, you just have to waste months guessing.

    Wouldn't it be amazing if they could just tell you where the issue is? Or censor it for you and then you can sort it out? They already know what the issue is, why not tell you?

  5. You should say to FU YouTube and move to another video media platform, such as HowTube. It’s fairly new and from what I’ve heard, creaters are treated much better. YouTube is google owned and I refuse to use google anything in my personal life except YouTube to watch your videos. Give YouTube the🖕🏻, I’m positive your followers will move to what ever video media platform you choose to migrate too.

  6. Ah Brian. Of course, I've already watched the video in question. My reaction to the YT note to you was "Huh?" Sailing SV Delos is one of the best "family" entertainments on YT. I can only assume some rookie at YT is responsible. YT should compensate you for your financial loss here. I'll watch it again, assuming that repeated watchings are counted simply as views. Hopefully, this helps.

  7. Interestingly the human body is unacceptable for youtube, but scenes of violence and contempt for human life, wars and other destructive things are acceptable news for "them" so the question is " Who do they think they are to restrict the view of natural, beautiful, wonderful and that makes it possible for us to be here in the first place? why would that hurt anyone?

  8. It's sad that creators make so little for all the ads watchers are continually bombarded with. I don't mind a few ads at the beginning, but to stop a video 2 to 3 times to advertise goods and services I have little, if any interest in has gotten out of hand.

  9. i've been subscribed and watched each episode immediately as they were uploaded until life stuff kept me off youtube. gotten back into youtube since pandemic and now this explains why i haven't seen new sv delos in my suggestions like before. completely understand the frustration with youtube and it's mysterious algorithm

  10. SV Delos – I’ve been watching you guys for years and my feed has been lacking your content for months now. Something else is up. I believe YouTube is altering their algorithm and turns off my subscribed channels notifications. Just a heads up. God Bless and Happy Travels.

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