Teen Sailor dispărut

Teen Sailor dispărut

La 16 ani, marinarul american, Abby Sunderland a fost dată dispărută după o furtună din Oceanul Indian. După cum relatează John Blackstone, Sunderland spera să fie cel mai tânăr care a navigat singur pe lume.


7 thoughts on “Teen Sailor dispărut

  1. @1SobriQuette I hate it think it but she is probably dead. She might have gotten the beacon on but she might have fallen into the ocean before she got a chance to put on the life vest. I heard the indian ocean is going though their winters storms and that the waves can get up 30 feet. The chances of her surival are slim to none given the fact that the indian ocean is shark infested.

  2. To mermaidofsuburbia… I know the sunderland family personaly, and the last thing on there minds through this whole expirience is notoriety! I hate it that everyone is bashing this family right now! For Gods sake, they potentially have lost there daughter! Show some respect!

  3. 46 seconds>Yeah Buddy. And you just got the scare of your life when nobody knew where your daughter was.
    What a moron!
    "My daughter is probably in the belly of a great white. I don't care. I'm just her parent, really. Nobody special. She just wants to do something dangerous. No cause for alarm. Really." LOL

  4. If you jump off a building and pray for God to save you, what do you think will happen? Prayer is not an SOS to an external source. Prayer is a dialog with the God within you. It is a way to strengthen your resolve in matters that are within your power. You can pray for God to show you the winning numbers for the lotto, it is a useless prayer. If you pray that God give you strength to complete your senoir year in college while working two part time jobs, yeah.. you gotta chance…

  5. I don't criticize her parents for letting her do this. Not with all the parents who let their kids drink, smoke, play with guns, stay out until 3am, skip school, drive drunk, etc.

    But if she gets into an emergency, someone's going to have to step in to rescue her, and that person could get killed trying to save her. Putting herself in danger is her prerogative, but endangering others isn't acceptable.

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