"Nimeni nu credea că vom ajunge la sfârșitul primei etape" - Căpitanul Tracy Edwards Maiden Round the World
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#sailfromhome #sailinglegends #adventure #maiden #tracyedwards #sailing Tracy Edwards, Skipper of Maiden, primul echipaj de sex feminin care a participat la Whitbread Round the World Race ne spune povestea ei la 30 de ani de la uriașa sa realizare. Urmărește mai multe videoclipuri de la Head to Wind 📹 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH7BNtsU5LQDD6NGhOjO2WM7Dt78S230h Urmărește-ne pe Insta: https://www.instagram.com/head_to_wind/ Alătură-te comunității noastre Facebook: https://www. .facebook.com/headtowind Abonați-vă la canalul de Youtube RYA: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RYA1875 Abonați-vă la Head to Wind: http://www.headtowind.co.uk #sailing #legend # fecioară #femei


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  1. I really can't understand men ….. I did a passage in December from Florida to the Azores in 84' with one of France's best women sailors and she was the best I've ever sailed with ….. also we had to deal with rolling over ….

  2. A remarkable, touching film, so inspirational. Saw the movie in Portland OR, with lots of kids, teens and their parents. Everyone cheered at the end, with tears of joy and appreciation for the crew's accomplishments.

  3. Im looking forward to seeing movie as I remember when Tracy and crew sailed into Fremantle all those years ago. I had total admiration for this lady skipper to sail in Whitbread Round the World race.

  4. One of the most …’interesting’ things for me (besides the tenaciousness of Tracy and her crew) is the continuous reference of the team as ‘girls’ instead of women. Seriously? In 2019?
    Nitpicking, I know, but for me it’s a big deal. Language is important.

  5. Oh to be like you.We are of similar age and I would have loved to have been on a yacht in a Whitbread Round the World. Its a time that's gone now and those times were the best, the early Whitbreads', technology is killing the spirit of adventure. You should be very proud of what you achieved, thanks for the memories.

  6. I remember daily waiting for news of Maiden's progress. Such a pivtoal event! Thank you Tracy and crew for leading the way. Such a good film too… a real tear-jerker <sniffles>

  7. One of the all time best sailing accomplishments of all time. The so called "experts", were so wrong. I loved the movie. These extremely talented and extremely dedicated women persevered like we can't imagine. They have my utmost respect and admiration. Well done.

  8. Estas mujeres si que demostraron que podían hacer lo que hasta entonces sólo hacían los hombres ahi va mi más sincera admiración como mujer por su Valencia coraje y sobre todo porque intentaron no rendirse me siento muy orgullosa de estas mujeres y porque me identifico con ellas. Mi queridísimo papá desde que era pequeña me decía que los que hacían los hombres yo tambien podía hacerlo y esto en los años 1960 y yo me lo tomé al pie de la letra, lo mío me costo y no siempre fue fácil pero lo demostre a lo largo de mi vida. Hoy tengo 70 años y recordando mi vida me siento orgullosa de no haber dejado a los hombres pensar que eran superiores a mi, pero tampoco los contrario simplemente somo iguales y juntos podemos cambiar muchas cosas.

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