TUR DE LA SUPERYACHT DE 17 M £: Sunseeker 131 Yacht
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Un tur complet „accesează toate zonele” al magnificului iaht 131 al lui Sunseeker. „Zozo” este un exemplu uimitor din 2016, cu sediul în Cannes, în prezent pe piață la 12.950.000 de lire sterline prin Sunseeker London. Pentru mai multe informații, contactați: Gary Cleaverly – gary@sunseekerlondon.com Cu mulțumiri pentru www.sunseekerlondon.com Și mulțumiri, de asemenea, echipajului „Zozo” pentru toată asistența oferită. 0:00 Introducere 0:40 Puntea interioară principală 3:47 Puntea interioară inferioară 5:50 Puntea interioară superioară 7:22 Puntea superioară exterioară 7:58 Puntea solară 10:09 Puntea anterioară 11:43 Podul 13:52 Zonele pentru bucătărie și echipaj 17 :19 Sala motoare și spălătorie 20:14 Cabina de pe puntea principală 20:32 Garaj pentru licitații 21:22 Outro https://instagram.com/aquaholicnick https://twitter.com/BurnhamNick https://facebook.com/ProfessionalMarineMedia Citește-mi articole online pentru MBY la https://www.mby.com/author/nickburnham Vezi mai multe dintre videoclipurile mele pe canalul YouTube MBY: https://www.youtube.com/user/ybwtv


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  1. I've watched soooo many of Nick's videos and have heard so many different pronunciations of Miele I've just felt compelled to checkout their official site to get the correct pronunciation 🙂 🙂 is is pronounced Meela (you're welcome 😉 )

  2. 2 things i DON'T like about most yachts:
    – the high gloss finish on the woodwork
    – the fact that they are diesel-powered.
    otherwise, 2 thumbs up.

  3. Love your yacht reviews, Nick! You're immensely valuable in my quest for the right yacht. The Sunseeker 131 is high on my list. If I eventually purchase it, I shall see that you get a sales commission. This will, of course, only occur upon my funding being finalized. Now….. where did I leave that lottery ticket?

  4. Nick , Nobody can touch you in the way that you give the Very Best Tour of these boats . There is no one better than you . You do this Tours in such a Fun relaxing Style
    I always enjoy watching you . You put so much of yourself into your Boat tours . When we were in this Covid lock down , i spent hours watching your reviews . Your very Comfortable to watch . Thanks for being there for all of us. !!

  5. Ooooohfff, now this is a yacht. I’m proud of the owner, good fir yiu sir. Hope yiu enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the tour.

  6. all due respect to what your doing… but you are missing all kinds of things both amenity, and engineering wise. try to be a bit more thorough when discussing the ship… such as the wing stations on each side, looking at the crew cabins and if not allowed in, explain briefly what is contained in them. it helps to research the ship before your filming to properly prepare your tour. Best of luck moving forward.

  7. There is one fact about those of us watching these videos. If we ever want to afford one of these, then we need to stop watching these videos and spend the time making more $$. 😉

  8. Excellent tour! A favorite of mine, the 131 is among the most impressive of models from Sunseeker, however, I can't help but feel that Zozo in particular does a poor job demonstrating the model's full potential.
    Several areas on the ship were staged poorly and it, inexplicably, lacked certain key features that can be found even on smaller yachts from Sunseeker.
    I would definitely check out the other 131s built by Sunseeker before deciding on a purchase, many of them squarely beat Zozo in terms of design and amenities and feel like totally different beasts.

  9. معجب ولكن ليس لدي مال لكي اشتري يخت الله الغالب. نتمى من ذوي المال ورحمة في العباد وكرم ليس بعده الكرم أن يهدي اويتصدق عليا بيخت.

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