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Neobosit. Povestea călătoriei lui Alex Thomson Racing către Vendée Globe 2016/2017. 👀⛵️🌎


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  1. Stuff of legends. Cute. More like attempting to copy legends, but coming nowhere near. Get rid of modern gps, and all other electronics, except for what the first and only legends had, then maybe it’s a bit closer to being “the stuff of legends”. The “I took a super yacht on autopilot all the way around”, does not compare to what the originals had to do, in the boats they did it in, and with the instruments they did it with and on the budget they had.
    The people who row boats across the oceans have it harder then any one on a fully automated/autopilot yacht. The first race, it was sailors using tools to sail around the world. Now it’s technology that has a person on it to push buttons. The race has stopped being about skilled sailors, and is only about who has the most money to throw at auto systems.

    All the video coverage of these yachts is edited for TV drama, and the stories told are over dramatized “reality” show scripts that rival “reality” dating show script standards.

    To the billionaire companies that have ruined this race for the sake of of advertising and bragging at the golf club bar🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  2. I'm sorry, but I have a stupid question. I'm sincerely wondering… Why wouldn't the path to follow leave his starting point, head straight up North, go through the pole, down the backside of the globe to the South pole, and then go through the pole to head back up to the starting point..? 🤔

  3. And nothing will stop him from achieving his goal… Then Covid 19 hits. World falls apart… World war 3, and global economic collapse. Famine. supply chains break. 1/3 of what is left of China declares war on the west. Russia declares war on Europe but most of it's people starve before they can invade more than 2.5 EU countries. US breaks apart in civil war. Latin America sees ultra high death rates because of monkey pox, and several compounded diseases. Australia becomes the world power and joins with New Zealand and South Africa. the rest of Africa remains largely unchanged. The UAE goes to war with Israel, and no other countries even try to stop them. A mega earthquake breaks Los Angeles off from the continental US. A volcano destroys most of Hawaii. tsunamis from it destroy half the world's ports. but Alex was sailing around the world, and didn't realize any of it.. and just keeps on sailing around and around… waiting for that signal to come home that never arrives.

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