[ENG] MARIAN BOATS M800 - Revizuire completă a iahtului electric - The Boat Show
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Recenzie exclusivă a uimitorului M800, de la constructorul austriac de iahturi Marian Boats. Locație: St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee, Austria De Maurizio Bulleri The Boat Show


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  1. Awesome. It has a modern streamline look along with a classic style of the early high end boats. That's my initial thought on it. It looks totally bad ass by the way haha

  2. Imagine if it had carbon ion batteries to where the body is a battery and no need for lithium. Check out carbon ion energy systems. They have something like that in the works. They are merging with corporate universe soon. Couv is the ticker

  3. Wowww this is being made by high intelligence and design, I have to add of the design it must be had a top down cover to have more comfort and aerodynamic. Then it must have a scope 180 degree camera for advance vision for the route for the safety.

  4. it really is a nice boat but for $300k I could buy a $80k boat for the same purpose, with more space and as luxurious AND I could boat every weekend forever before I pay $220k in gas….. the choice is easy.

  5. My phone battery always overheats on the boat, and until the treehuggers figure that out, certainly won't entertain the idea of batteries running her.

  6. What a beautiful boat. This would also make a wonderful tender. Love the anchor system as well. Everything is clean, functional, modern and purposeful.

  7. Still don't know the top speed and can I spend all day on the lake, water ski, wake board, tubing and not run out of power until 4-5 p.m. like my Mastercraft? It must be nice to be out on an open lake without any engine noise I have to admit but for 340,000 euro's, it's out of my price league. Beautiful boat though!

  8. I like it, but I feel like if range is reduced I'd rather have a more physical experience, like a light and nimble jet ski with a top speed of 60 km/h and a range of 10km at full throttle. That way you don't carry a lot of batteries and instead can just recharge it after using is for a quick ride.

  9. With 150ke I'll feel more in harmony with nature with a 10m sail boat, where I can have also a alcholic dinner and beautifull moment in bedroom with my wife…
    ah and I can face the sea instead of a very borning lake

  10. Making boats like that electric is really good bcs nobody can complain of range or anything and batteries can be really big and you don’t go on trips around the globe with that. Thats just lake boating and i think its perfect.

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