Este acest Amel 60 iahtul suprem pentru croazieră mondială cu persoane scurte?
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Acest sloop Amel 60, noul flagship al șantierului francez, este un crucișător de lux serios impresionant, care vine foarte bine echipat pentru prețul cerut de 1,65 milioane de euro – până la aspiratorul Dyson. Toby vă oferă turul complet ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a Yachting World acum – ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre turnee, vizitați site-ul web aici – ► Dă Like-ne pe Facebook aici – ►Urmăriți-ne pe Twitter aici – ►Feel free to Comenteaza mai jos! ►Nu uitați să apăsați butonul de LIKE dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


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  1. Toby, at the end of the video in particular, there was a LOT of creaking! Are you able to identify the cause? Not that I could, but if I ever spent 2 mill on a boat, I would expect it not to have such load and continual creaking noise! Also, do you think twin rudders are just too exposed for an ocean going vessel? I understand the performance improvements and chucking hydraulic steering but one big log and the steering is kaput… Thanks.

  2. I don't know about you guys, but that creaking from the boom already drove me nuts. I have just seen a video on why not to take a boat like this one with twin blade rudders out to sea seriously. Long story short, they can break, with little safety for not doing so. Everything can break, but this design is way to easy damage beyond repair in the middle of nowhere. Twin blade rudders, the achilles heal of a wide transom.

  3. Dear Toby, Thank you for the detailed and careful presentation of this exceptional and beautiful yacht. There are so many intelligent and useful detailed solutions on and in the AMEL 60. I particularly like the completely isolated, separate and walk-in engine and technical room. It all looks very well sorted and very cleanly worked. One question – would the davits be capable of supporting a 210 kilogram WILLIAMS minijet? I would be happy if I got an answer. Many thanks and all the best and continued success for the AMEL shipyard. Warm greetings from Germany!

  4. Cher Toby, Merci pour la présentation détaillée et soignée de ce yacht exceptionnel et magnifique. Il y a tellement de solutions détaillées intelligentes et utiles sur et dans l'AMEL 60. J'aime particulièrement le local moteur et technique complètement isolé, séparé et de plain-pied. Tout a l'air très bien trié et très proprement travaillé. Une question – les bossoirs seraient-ils capables de supporter un minijet WILLIAMS de 210 kilogrammes ? Je serais heureux si j'avais une réponse. Un grand merci et bonne continuation au chantier naval AMEL. Salutations chaleureuses d'Allemagne!

  5. Great boat, but i dont like the 90 degree angles evrywhere. I would opt for rounded doors/storage lids. Doesnt give straight lines, thats why designers dont like it but i would do it on my boat.

  6. Love the mechanics and functionality. The floor plan is terrific. I’ve yet to see something called modern that I would spend money on. Alas, Amel is no exception. But, I have enough appreciation for modern styling to know this boat will do well in the market. There are many who do not share my aversion to new. They will love this boat. She’s one I could appreciate to the nth degree. But, she’s built for someone else. Great review. Really liked the action shot of the tack. Great to see all the moving parts in action.

  7. Very well thought out as always but maybe it is the shakey camera, quite a lot of motion for a 60 footer, one that is designed with cruising in mind especially.

  8. Love these. Well presented as always. Tell your boy to keep his feet off the sun pads. Call me whatever but it kills me to watch people stand on cushions, especially with shoes on when there's acres of deck all around.

  9. I still prefer the idea of the ketch designs.
    To me the Amel 54 is the perfect choice for South Pacific cruising with the 55 as a second choice for short handed sailing, but that's an opinion based upon SV DELOS's travel clips from an Australian land-lubber.

  10. It's a beautiful boat from top to bottom but I don't see any real wood. I see miles of veneered particle board throughout the interior. Am I seeing this wrong?

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