Tur la Cebu Yacht Club & BONUS - Cum va arăta trimaranul meu!
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Facem un tur al clubului de iahturi Cebu de pe Insula Mactan, Filipine Cebu și obținem o previzualizare a cum va arăta trimaranul meu!


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  1. Couldn`t see there on a list Jomalia Shipping Line…but I think this Yacht Club is the place where their Fast Craft to Camotes Islands starts for a fastest ( 1 hour and some 15 minutes? ) trip to Consuelo port? Am I right or is this another place in Mactan do you know?

  2. I’d rather be sailing! I spent 9 years at a yacht club in downtown Toronto on my Bayfield 25. Now Roger is there a lot of people sailing in Bantayan? In all the videos I watched I don’t think I’ve seen a single sailboat? Is it to shallow or ?

  3. Nice vids! You have a new sub! A little tip, go and search for followsm . c o m!! Loads of YouTube channels use the site to promote their videos.

  4. Thanks for the video! I was there in November and a bit disappointed. In all fairness it was POURING rain, but it seemed smaller and less luxurious than I was expecting for a yacht club even in the Philippines. Was hoping for something more like Boracay or even just Puerto Gallera. Liked the restaurant’s vibe though. Definitely would give it another chance on a sunny day.

  5. dude I like your videos but STOP POINTING WITH YOUR FINGERS!!!! use the camera to point and explain…..very annoying and not necessary….I see this in all your vids and not good

  6. Love this I am coming in july to Cebu. Well wwas going check out that marina. I sail my self have a 32 ft Irwin in the states. But I'll be coming out see fiancee for few weeks. She never been sailing hoping find someone take us sailing for the day. But be awesome to meet you when I come.

  7. Hey guys, any rough estimate on a Trimaran like those? 700k php. -2mil. Im planning on having one made with a sail.

    Curious if those boats in the video are pure wood or mix of wood and fiberglass.

  8. The Cebu Yacht Club is actually behind Island Central Mall not behind Geisono Mall. It is small facility, unfortunately! I'm not sure of the depth of the pier but it will not handle deep draft boats. But it is a nice facility.

  9. Couldn't find a website of the Cebu Yacht Club, only a facebook page which is a shame. No information regarding berthing fees daily, weekly, monthly for a smaller catamaran

  10. Hi Rodger. We are looking to retire to the Philippines and get a boat made for ourselves too! We read that you have to have Philippine citizenship to be able to caption the boat. Is this true or can expats on retirement visas own and drive their own boats?

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