Fete cu vele |  SMLS S10E07
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24 de comentarii la „Fete cu vele | SMLS S10E07

  1. Definitely looks like a Grouper. Love that you have a sailing dog too, similar size to our Hank also. Be keen to see what (if any) adjustments you made for your dog.

    Stay safe 😁

  2. Oh my gosh the music has come a long way since the early days of sailing miss lone star. Thank you thank you thank you this stuff is really wonderful and compliments the videos. It was wicked hard sitting through most if not all of the old music.

  3. I just recently found your channel and i love your videos been binge watching ,can you please give a bout tour would love to see your boat thank you so much .

  4. I know you know Capt Rick Moore. He would tell you to ALWAYS tow a dingy with TWO lines so if one breaks or comes loose the dingy is not lost. Cheap insurance!! Keep having a great positive lust for life. Health, Happiness, Abundance and Joy!!

  5. Hi. Am enjoying your videos. I noticed that you are using a Schaefer marine swivel block on a track to lead the jib sheets to your winches. Those blocks were not made to withstand the tension of a turning block. If one failed the lock would go into the cockpit and could cause injury. The safer way to go would be to use the swivel blocks the way

  6. I came out to see this boat a week ago. I want to give your friend Cameron a big shout out for taking Me and my dog Bear out to see your boat and spending time sharing his sailing experiences with me. Funny thing I was subscribed to your channel but didn't know you owned this boat. He told me to look up the boat on YouTube and there it was ! LOL. I really liked this boat (the pink was different) it was well maintenanced and had a nice layout .If the bank gets my cash to me soon enough It is still on the top of the list to purchase. Great video and music. One question How does the dog poop out there ? LOL. I want Bear to share the adventure but this is a concern .

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