Navigarea cu Les Saints către Dominica (Sailing Satori) S3:E21

Navigarea cu Les Saints către Dominica (Sailing Satori) S3:E21

După ce am explorat Les Saints, Guadalupa cu scuterul în ultimul episod, mai petrecem câteva zile bucurându-ne de insule înainte de a naviga spre sud, spre Dominica, unde suntem întâmpinați de unul dintre băieții din Portsmouth. Abonați-vă aici: Vizitați site-ul nostru: Susține videoclipurile noastre: Canalul lui Arthur: -YouTube Facebook: Instagram: Related Blog Post:


30 thoughts on “Navigarea cu Les Saints către Dominica (Sailing Satori) S3:E21

  1. Aurther has been emailing me he wanted you to get him a leather jacket assless chaps and a spiked collar because some cat on a super yaht was picking on him .
    .I convinced him the assless chaps would only make it worse and a leather jacket would be to hot in the Caribbean. So now he has agreed to a black leather vest a spiked collar a stilleto and he wants to be called spike from now on..

  2. I have prob 30 Captain Tony's cups. I go to KW a couple times a year. I always say I'm not gonna keep the cups. I always bring them home lol Great video!

  3. I see the problem with your throttle this is a common problem, how to fix ?
    Go to a hardware store and buy a wire clamp sized for that size cable attach the clamp to the outer shield of the cable tighten the nuts to add friction to the inner core to the point that the cable stops slipping past where you set it. Morse/Teliflex sells a clamp for just this problem. If you buy their clamp you will pay 4 X the price. Good luck !
    Let us the viewers know how you make out.

  4. So awesome guys. Wish i was there. Its in the plans, as i have started looking for a boat. Leaning towards a center cockpit. Love the look of your boat. My REAL question is about your dog. We have a Chihuahua and i'm wondering how difficult it is to sail with a small dog in the Caribbean. As far as check ins or restrictions. Besides that, love watching you live the dream. Be safe and i hope someday to see you on the sea. Marten Bird

  5. Actually been to that exact spot in Terra de Haut circa 2003; loved being there and in Dominica. Some of the boat boys there can be a bit persistent in their sales technique.

  6. Hi guys! Can you share some details on your “chart plotter”? (9:06) It looks like it is an iPad mounted to the helm station. I’d be interested to hear your experience with this setup and the details of the device and mounting system. Thanks!

  7. You better watch those Mooring balls the guys over on sailing nandji tied off to one of them and went to bed and woke up the next morning sitting high and dry on the reef cuz The Mooring ball line broke really tore up the bottom of their boat they were in the dry dock I think like a month and a half getting it fixed

  8. Hmmm Dominica, be careful. I viewed the court cases for the day which were posted outside the courthouse on the wall. Oh my I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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