Viața de iaht de-a lungul coastei kenyene: A KSh.  35.000 pe oră de călătorie
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29 de comentarii la „Viața de iaht de-a lungul coastei kenyene: A KSh. 35.000 pe oră de călătorie

  1. I am so happy today since 10,000 well trained Gorgor troops have just been brought from Turkey who have been designed to fight with Kenyan weak KDF who have been keeping a carnage for somali people!
    Now,they have attempted to conquest our sea, but it's impossible!
    This is the time KDF is going to be massacred because we are belligerent people; Turkish govt supported us efficiently and effectively!
    Kenya would be the theater of wars between somali troops and KDF in near future if Kenyan govt doesn't quell the intervention of our country!
    Doesn't Kenyan govt know what happened its neighbor, Ethiopia in 1964,1977 and 2006?
    Ethiopia is stronger than Kenya, but we defeated them badly!
    KDF who have no any war experiences be compared with Gorgor, Danab and Harmacad, that's ridiculous!
    If you want peace prepare for war.
    Somalia and Kenya would see in the battlefield if Allah wills it.
    NFD will be liberated from Kenya as quickly as possible,that is our objective, goal or vision.
    Within days, NFD can be liberated from Kenya, inshallah counting on or relying on the strength of Gorgor, Danab and Harmacad troops!
    Thank you president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, the commander-in-inchief of somali federal govt.
    God bless to Somalia and its patriotic president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo !

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