Sailing Chloe - Episodul 51: Dining în peșteră și împachetarea corpului
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Barca cu pânze Garcia Exploration 45 din aluminiu VLOG – Sailing Chloe Nava cu pânze Chloe este din nou în mișcare în vara anului 2020. Se deplasează spre nord pe coasta spaniolă a Mediteranei de la Motril la Garrucha prin Almerimar și Aguadulce. Ne oprim scurt pentru a echipa amortizoare pentru acostarea pupa și facem o reparație simplă la învelișul carenei. Vezi toate videoclipurile noastre de navigație și călătorii pe canalul nostru – @Sailing Chloe


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  1. So good to see you guys again! Very nice boat and even more important; you create a really cool and relaxed atmosphere in your videos. Good information, you are teaching us stuff, have a good humor and very interesting content. I am already looking forward for the next video! 😁👍

  2. Sad to hear you sold the boat. Errr not realy. Sadder that I couldn't afford it. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the English in Spain. I'm sure Spain is happy about Brexit. Best wishes in whatever you're up to next.

  3. So good to see you guys back! Going to miss you and Chloe. Good luck with your future plans and hope to see you on the water with the next Chloe! SK in the UK.

  4. Thanks for the video. I hope you'll share the reasons why to sell the Garcia Exploration 45 and your detailed impressions about it. This is one of the boats on my dream list so I'd welcome the input. Cheers.

  5. Really looking forward to tell us why you sold a boat that (on paper, at least) promise to be a trusty, super seaworthy yacht.
    How does it sail? We saw in this episode her downwind performance under gennaker. How about other points of sail?
    Is the quality or the performance that you didn't enjoy that much?

  6. My guess why they sold it is 1. Too much boat. This is a real specialized boat. Its a remarkable design thanks to Jimmy Cornell but why wouldnt you just get a catamaran like the Pajot at 11:25 that would be 80% as capable, perhaps faster, definitely more floor space and more luxury and with no lean ….for the same price. So you wont sail the NWP or round Cape Horn. So what. Me i would have stuck with the Garcia but i want a Class Zero boat

  7. What a nice surprise to see you two ol' salts walking the planks again, though I suppose Dawn's Mum won't be too chuffed about it!
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    looking to see how full my calendar is around Christmas
    No doubt it'll be just in time for me to gloat over the Wallabies cleaning up England's Bulldogs, not to mention the Welsh Dragons.
    Cheers for now.

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