Nave surori navigate |  SMLS S11E26 Nava piraților
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32 de comentarii la „Nave surori navigate | SMLS S11E26 Nava piraților

  1. Billy Ray was a great story. I rescued several birds when I was young. For various reasons they were exhausted but after some warmth and feeding-up they were all happy to return to the wild. I didn't grasp where the sister ship to your Formosa came from or who it belonged to (now) or why you were sailing it? It was certainly impressive and looks extremely comfortable. Bodes well for your future adventures when your own version is launched. Good luck!

  2. That is one beautiful boat you have to love the workmanship of those
    I’m so envious
    I’m so glad Billy Ray is flying , that’s so amazing what you did god bless your heart

  3. Yae for Billy Rae, I bet sailing that 51 gets you pumped to get yours going.
    I can't believe it's going into season 12, I've been following you since the beginning when that arshole put his mitts on you and remember you saying that since that boat didn't work out you would work toward another one.
    Look at you now, you have a great guy and fleet of vessels. 🌬🌊⛵🧜‍♀️

  4. A Pirate would make use of that used head. With a wee bit of innovative rigging it could be hung over the stern so the crew wouldn't add their scurvy stuff to the black water tank.

  5. Hi Aubrey. 🤙 Its ALWAYS my favorite day when you post your videos. Seeing your beautiful face and smile is the highlight of my day. ❤Very cute ass btw lol. 🍑
    Looked like Billy Ray still had a limp. Thank god it was you that was taking care of him.🙏
    You are living my dream with owning a Formosa and the sister ship⛵ was marvelous. Loved the fireplace.
    I truly hope I can join you and the gang on your beautiful Pirate🏴‍☠️🦜 ship someday. ⚓⛵ I'll sleep on deck if I have too. 💤 Take care Aubrey and luv ya lots darlin. ❤🌹

  6. I hope Billy Ray isn’t “ Birdnapped “ and being held for ransom. Ya, it woulda been so cool to see him fly fly away. I’m reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull again in his memory. The Formosa is awesome, I can imagine your dreams are filled with rigging completions and splashes !!! It’s waiting for you Aubrey !! How long can you be without her ???

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