BINE, RĂU și URĂTUL VIȚII DE YACHT: Realități de la bordul croiului
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Știu că morți de nerăbdare să vedeți PARTEA II a videoclipului Bering 77, așa că lansăm un VIDEO-Surpriză BONUS la mijlocul săptămânii pentru a vă mai ține câteva zile! 😜🙌🏻 Rico și cu mine strângem această filmare de ceva vreme pentru voi, băieți, și în sfârșit ne-am gândit că este momentul potrivit să le vedeți. În acest videoclip vă arătăm câteva dintre cele mai recente îmbunătățiri ale casei, proiecte și YES Emergency HAUL OUT 🙈 Tur al iahtului nostru: Verificați: FENDERTEX Aripi: https://bit .ly/fendertex INSIDER SALTEA: Mașină de spălat vase: Toaletă nouă pentru câini: ” iarbă” : Toaletă pentru câini vechi: VA MULȚUMESC PENTRU LIKE-URI, COMENTARII, DISTRIBUȚII ȘI SUBS. ACESTE 4 CLICURI SIMPLE FAC ACEST CANAL POSIBIL!!! 🙂 #Liveaboard #PowerYacht #NautiStyles Aceasta nu este procedura ta obișnuită! Nu facem turnee plictisitoare, monotone, de tip voiceover! Acest canal înseamnă să te distrezi și să nu te iei prea în serios în timp ce verifici cele mai tari iahturi de acolo. //ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI NOSTRU NAUTI: //CUMPĂRAȚI LOOK-UL MEU: //CUMPĂRATĂ UNOR NAUTI: / /URMĂȚI-NE: ○ Instagram: ○ Blog: ○ Facebook: // CAMERA FOLOSITĂ: ○ Cameră – ○ Dronă – ○ Microfoane fără fir – ○ Microfoane cu fir – https://amzn .to/345jjQT ○ Card SD – ○ Gimbal – ○ Light – //SUBSCRIBE AICI: https://… //WATCH NEXT: ○ Bering 77: ○ Sunreef 60 Sail 0:00 Intro 2:20 BINE 18:05 RĂU 29:28 Urâtul 35:19 Outtakes Mulțumesc pentru vizionare! Ahoy, căpitanul V DECLINAREA RESPONSABILITĂȚII: Linkurile incluse în această descriere pot fi link-uri afiliate. Dacă achiziționați un produs sau serviciu cu link-urile pe care le ofer, este posibil să primesc un mic comision. Nu există nicio taxă suplimentară pentru tine! Vă mulțumesc că îmi susțineți canalul, astfel încât să vă pot oferi în continuare conținut gratuit în fiecare săptămână!


43 de comentarii la „BINE, RĂU și URĂTUL VIȚII DE YACHT: Realități de la bordul croiului

  1. Everyone shows the parties, the swimming, the docking, but this is the Real Real! Thank you!! I now have absolutely no desire to own anything bigger than a canoe. 😂😂🤙. But love you guys, you are both great. Keep it up, love the channel, top info-tainment!!

  2. Us land lovers have also been cursed with the plague of shitty plastic fittings. Mine was on the supply line to the toilet, that little crooked hose that runs from the valve in the wall to the bottom of the toilet tank that fills it up. Well where it screwed into the bottom of the toilet tank was a plastic fitting. One day it just randomly let loose, same issue, got old and brittle. THANK GOD I was at home, heard the water gushing and was able to shut it off in less than a minute. Made a minor mess but if I had not been home it would have flooded the whole house.

  3. Have you tried Armour All on you cabin enclosure windows. It will make them clear again. Er, use on plastic type material, not glass. ( if you havent got you new canvas yet ).

    Love the channel
    Love the atmosphere
    Would love the boat life ( if not for my better half, maybe she'll get on board one day . . . )

    Take care NautiCrew 🙂

  4. I love watching you guys , you are such a nice couple. Thank you for the entertainment guys. I love the ocean and would love to get a nice sailing catamaran one day . Thank you for all the information you always give to us all

  5. This was a very fun video to watch. I feel Rico's pain while fixing stuff in a much too small engine room. I worked on a PBR (Patrol Boat Riverine) while I was in the US Navy. The engine compartment was not designed for people. I'm glad the repairs worked out. I also enjoy your walk-thru videos of all the other boats. I've always wanted to live on my own boat but right now I live in far west Texas, not much water around. Stay safe shipmates.

  6. The reason everything happens is because it's boatlife and the boats demand regular upkeep. But man if you can afford to live on a boat it is more than worth it. I spent the first half of my life living on commercial fishing boats even when we were at the dock and there is no better life to be had. Lord willing I will spend my last days on the river or ocean on a commercial boat or in the woods at a camp that is mine alone. Or better yet a boat that is anchored where there is no one else but myself and a couple of friends with the closest civilization being at least 50 miles

  7. I've been really enjoying your videos as someone considering saving up for a liveaboard.
    Do you have a list of "things I wish I knew before moving aboard a boat"?
    Do you have recommendations for DIY learning/reading? I've never been the most handy person but I'm definitely willing to learn because I'm absolutely obsessed with boats and living on one would be a dream for me 🙂

  8. I like to put a light-colored towel under pipes and wiring sorts of things I'm working on. When I drop things it keeps them falling down into small nooks and crannies, keeps them from bouncing away, and makes them easy to see when you are looking for them.

  9. Nice…..I met you two at Dog House Pub on St Thomas..I remember the guy from Bering Yachts there also…I played guitar,..and your other friend (another captain) who was leaving island gave me a Martin DMX guitar W/case… I played guitar at DHP, I am going to be staying on a sailboat in Marina Del Ray….40 Ketterman it a friend's and it needs drive shaft..(I be working on it)..(maybe Rico help me locate part).I will be staying on will probably hear me playing guitar..I will play on about, two weeks…I will look for you there…🖤👽💀😎

  10. An idea for an info video. Show your watchers how to the mooring can at Catalina. Grabbing the bow wand and running the sand line to the stern. Great stuff guys 👍🏻👍🏻

  11. I lived on a 42 Viking aft cabin in Maine back in the 90's. I have nothing bad to say about the experience. I did 100% of my own maintenance so cost were pretty well contained. It was a great lifestyle. The most common question I got was "What do you do in the winter?" The answer is….I turn the heat on.

    Retired now and looking for a 40'ish trawler for part time liveaboard.

  12. What does a boat slip cost a year for this size of a boat? Also how much fuel would you burn in an hour just cruising around? Thanks for all of the entertaining videos.

  13. Nice video, there are no ropes on a boat only line's. Bow line, stern line, spring line and a bow line. The bow line on a dingy is called the painter. No bathrooms only heads
    . it goes on you need to learn the correct names so you look Good and sound good too!

  14. I do the exact same thing as Marco when I need to pee: I do four circles in front of my toilet and then go. LOVE your channel! I can watch Captain V all day long. <3

  15. When are you installing a new fridge? or just waiting to get one with a new boat? I would hate working in that area! let alone dropping a screw and trying to finding it! you should magentize your screwdrivers and wrenches.

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