11 zile de navigație solo în Irlanda - Balenele acelea s-au apropiat!
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Navigați din Azore în Irlanda. 11 zile singur pe barca mea cu pânze de 28 de picioare. Furtuni, balene, pești și valuri! Dacă ești interesat să contribui, link-urile pentru venmo, patreon sau paypal sunt mai jos: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2372932546330624672 https://www.patreon.com/samholmes https://cash.app /$SamHolmesSailing https://www.paypal.me/soarsail Bitcoin: bc1q23xsnagqat94tcu6tr40zcj504njlzqq2hg39c Urmăriți-mă pe instagram @SamHolmesSailing Lista de dorințe Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/baby-reg-02-may-2020/s WQRITYAF5M12 samholmessailing@gmail.com


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  1. You are a real good sailor. I recently buy a 26ft monohull Compass 790 design by Hall Wagstaff. it won a few regattas, and I m gonna do reffitings just to be able to do something similar. around the world.

  2. I love seeing all the everyday details of this kind of sailing. It is oddly mesmerizing and interesting. I'm sorry to see you missed going to Great Blasket Island. I think you have enjoyed hiking to the top of that hill and along the spine of it. The lives of the people who lived in that little hamlet was fascinating and well documented in several books (folklorists at the turn of the last century heavily studied the place). A good start is the book written by a native, Thomas O'Crohan, who lived and died on the island (and learned to read and write in his old age), called "The Islandman." Another good one is "Twenty Years A-Growing" by Maurice O'Sullivan. Good reading for those long days on the self-steering vane! Carry on and best of luck!

  3. Yesterday, I spent 27 days in a boat with Sam on the way to Hawaii. Before that, it was the long, three week journey to Portugal. We've spent a lot of time together over the past few days, Sam and I, but I still know nothing about him. Wish there was more on the website or the about page. Doesn't matter what it says, though. I'm STILL not going to take a night time swim with him in the middle of the Pacific. I don't care how much scotch he has on board.

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