Navigați fără MOTOR în URICANE ALLEY Sailing GBU
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Merch! Susține canalul nostru și primești ceva extraordinar în schimb! Încărcăm un videoclip nou în fiecare săptămână! Nu uitați să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipul. De asemenea, ne puteți găsi și contacta aici -Instagram @Kristen.r.davis @Neptunes_reaper /Neptunes_reaper -Facebook Dacă ți-a plăcut videoclipul nostru și vrei să ne cunoști mai bine, te rugăm să verifici pagina noastră de patreon. Fiecare cent contează și apreciem cu adevărat. În plus, vei deveni parte din familia noastră specială cu videoclipuri interioare și multe altele Ai vrea să ne arăți sprijinul sau să ne cumperi o bere Iată o recomandare cod pentru a obține un credit de 20 USD atunci când vă înscrieți în GOOGLE FI UTILIZAȚI CODUL K18F80 *Acesta este planul nostru telefonic internațional* SAILMAKER PRECISION Sails -Bad-and-Ugly/ Link-uri utile! -Link către cei mai buni fani! Ventilator Caframo 12V – Manualul nostru mecanic și electric pentru proprietarii de ambarcațiuni Go To Book -Camera noastră Sony A6000 fără oglindă -Drona noastră -Rucsacul nostru favorit rezistent la apă -Echipamentul nostru de ploaie accesibil Pentru întrebări de afaceri Muzică pentru videoclipurile noastre Epidemia Sună merită… Camera-Lentile Sony A6000- Editor video OSS 16-50- Premier Pro Sailboat- Hunter 37c


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  1. The audio needs to be equalized and normalized in this video. Audio is soft then loud. This can be corrected in blackmagic video editing software. Which they have a free version as well. Thanks for the video thumbs up

  2. Zuchetti,you cut out the iside in small pieces and fill it up with potatoes,cheese,tomatoes ans spices.cover it again with the cut off slice and wrap it in foil.10mins should do the job.

  3. Bonfire Packet: first, catch a fish…..oh well, substitute. your sausage Matt, then potatoes, onions, and some lemon slices :). Much like you did :). when done, add some avocado to it if you can 🙂

  4. 1:26 The art of sailing without an engine.

    In this season's sailor (with sails) school : That's what the old salts are teaching us from the very first time we was out on the water.

    They are of the opinion that one must be capable of using the sails as thee likelihood of all sails break at the same time happens less often than complicated mechanics like diesel/petrol propulsion engines.

    The club boats, L23's, doesn't have an engine, not even an outboard. That means we are using sails when we leave the dock, while we are out, and all the way back to the slip (dock) again.

    Sometimes, when there are no to very little wind inside the harbor, we are sometimes "pole racing".
    Each slip have 2 poles farthest away from the dock, we use those to propel us forward. That is pole racing.

    The boat has a tiller. A tiller can used to both gain a little extra speed, but also use it as a brake.

    The brake effect is achieved by sailing (with reefed sails, of course) in a S-shaped course. The large surface of the hull on starboard and the port side has a lot of drag when one do that. That decreases the speed very quickly.

  5. Just stumbled on to the channel. This is interesting to me because you are making this work without a lot of financial resources- boat is rusty and bare bones, you are fixing everything yourselves… no engine…figuring it out as you go… I would bet your experiences will be amazing. You are really strong people – inspirational. I find this more interesting than watching someone sail around on their million dollar boat – which is not a bad thing, just different. Perhaps sailing can be something for those who thought they couldn’t afford it. Best I need to catch up on all the episodes I haven’t seen.

  6. That was not a boam fire dinner i think you to have it made my wife and i are looking forward to meeting up with you both down the road we have all ways water in our blood but it will be at lest to years before we can join you out there love to you both Tony & Sandy

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