Kimberley Adventure Trailer Navigație Crocodile Creek către Dugong Bay
22 1 minut 12 luni

Aventura noastră continuă. Începem de la uimitorul pârâu Crocodile, cu ancorajul său unic, cascadele și piscinele cristaline. Trecem apoi pe Silver Gull Creek și Squatters Arms cu aterizarea barjei sale de apă. Negociem Canalul și Jgheabul pe lângă Insula Koolan și navigăm în Golful Talbot cu Cascadele Orizontale și frumosul Golf Dugong. Maree, vârtejuri, cascade și găuri de apă împreună cu peisaje spectaculoase.


22 de comentarii la „Kimberley Adventure Trailer Navigație Crocodile Creek către Dugong Bay

  1. Hi Mark and Helen, glad you are having a great time. I was looking forward to the video whee you told me in the last video about the crocodile attacking your dinky.
    Did you in the end buy the Lamb shanks I cooked fir you at the my club .
    How is your new anchor winch going ?
    Are you sailing or motoring more ?
    By the way don’t come back to Melbourne as we been in lockdown more then anyone on earth.
    So glad you are doing what you set out to do and having a wonderful time.

  2. Great video mate, you captured how beautiful yet how rugged the Kimberley is! I had to dive into croc creek at night to un snag our tender, bloody scary! I meet Phil and Marion and also enjoyed his home brew! Enjoy your travels. Cheers

  3. Another top video – a pleasure to watch. I'd like to ask – what did you find to be the most useful source of information on those spots you visited, and the detailed tidal anecdotes? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another excellent video. Are you back in Victoria? It’s a shame that the private tour operators are aloud to move one on…. Shouldn’t be aloud.
    As of this Friday we are aloud to visit our boats….. marvellous

  5. Its so great following this adventure. I have seen yachts anchored at Crocodile Creek before, it is on my bucket list for sure, and to have another trailer sailer there with you.

    Thanks for sharing.
    One Life, One Search,

  6. Nice video mate, I really enjoyed it. Bit disappointing about the one commercial business 'bluffing' to move you on. I would of asked them for some evidence and told them you would of moved on when you felt comfortable. Don't know what its like in the top end but in Victoria you have to be Authorised, have identity, and work for the government to move any one on. I know this because I am one. Sorry for the long winded post but its just In case someone reads it that gets put in the position themselves. Thanks for the video.

  7. Awesome videos 🙂 iv been trying to talk my better half into a trailer sailor instead of a caravan for a few years now with little luck 🙁 but ill keep trying! As soon as the falls started flowing i wouldn't have moved anywhere, he knowingly put your lives in danger knowing full well it was just a proposal and not law! he wouldn't have been operating that business much longer if that was me,

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