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  1. It's ok, there the projectile remainders of what was fired through the ships cannons. The shells behind them would have been much larger. Surprised they are still there, most wrecks have been salvaged.

  2. Look like bombs to me! Yikes! I’d like to think they were inert, but once in Culebra this little girl grabbed something from the beach that looked like a shell or rock and while waiting for the ferry dropped it on the ground and it exploded and burned her leg! Turned out it was a small piece of a bomb that still had some phosphorous or something. Inert or not, it’s pretty sketchy anchoring!

  3. One of them sticking up at a 45 was definitely a 16" training round from the USS Iowa or USS Wisconsin. They did gunnery exercises around there in the 80's. Cool find. I have two of the training rounds on my property. Not much else shaped like them.

  4. I have heard a few other channels talking about sending their phones 📱 up the mast to upload episodes apparently it works if your close enough to cell tower on one of those islands 🏝

  5. You could be on an old military artillery range I would definitely stay away from them if they are infact unexploded bombs any movement and or change in pressure could set them off

  6. They may have cleaned up the bay and those were buried in the sand and they missed them and they have been uncovered by storms you could report that you think you found them the government will check them out and if they are they will blow Them in place be cool to see

  7. Upon the cessation of hostilities the destroyer was assigned to the occupation forces in the Japanese islands. Departing Adak 31 August, USS Killen (DD-593) supported the occupation forces until 14 November when she sailed to Puget Sound. From there she proceeded to San Diego, arriving 2 April, and decommissioning 9 July 1946. The veteran destroyer served as a trial ship during the atom bomb tests in 1958, and in 1962 engaged in high explosive tests in the Chesapeake Bay. USS Killen (DD-593) was struck from the Navy List in January 1963 to be used as a target ship for missiles off Vieques Island, P.R.
    Info fo you Matt.

  8. What you pointed out was an expended shell from a howitzer. The powder used to shoot it was used up while it was fired. They won't hurt you unless you're walking along the bottom and stub your toe on one. Be safe down there amongst the wrecks

  9. You guys show more about what real sailing is like. Not every boat out there will get big endorsements and companies throwing products at them. You show how to sail with what you got and fix it when it breaks. I'm glad I found your channel. Started way back at the beginning and I've been catching up to your present day adventures

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