2021 NEEL 47 TRIMARAN Croazieră Croazieră Croazieră Charter Yacht Tour
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NEEL TRIMARANS informații și contact: https://bit.ly/nautistyles În sfârșit! Vă prezentăm primul nostru tur de iahturi TRIMARAN! Și este un NEEL 47 2021 – care cred că ar putea fi doar unul dintre Trimaranele de croazieră supreme pentru un cuplu. Am fost destul de impresionați de multe dintre caracteristicile unice, utilizarea spațiului și designul orientat spre siguranță. Masterul de pe punte este pur și simplu fabulos, cantitatea de depozitare și locațiile dulapurilor pentru echipamente sunt foarte gândite. Doar vezi singur! Ar fi o mare posibilitate de Sailing Liveaboard. Ne-ar plăcea cu siguranță să închiriem unul dintre acestea în viitorul apropiat 🤩 Prețul așa cum s-a văzut 572 000 € HT gata de navigare (cu licitație) 😜 Spuneți-mi ce părere aveți despre acesta în comentarii. Mulțumiri imense ECHIPEI NEEL TRIMARANS pentru stabilirea asta. NEEL TRIMARANS informații și contact: https://bit.ly/nautistyles #Trimaran #NEEL #YachtTour //CUMPĂRAȚI LOOKUL MEU: rochie: pălărie Shein: https://amzn.to/3C95q1A sunnies: https://amzn.to /3wAITd8 MULȚUMESC PENTRU LIKE-URI, COMENTARII, COMENTARII ȘI SUB-UNĂRI! ACESTE 4 CLICURI SIMPLE FAC ACEST CANAL POSIBIL!!! 🙂 Aceasta nu este procedura ta obișnuită! Nu facem turnee plictisitoare, monotone, de tip voiceover! Acest canal înseamnă să te distrezi și să nu te iei prea în serios în timp ce verifici cele mai tari iahturi de acolo. //ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI NOSTRU NAUTI: https://www.patreon.com/NautiStyles //URMĂȚI-NE: ○ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nautistyles/ ○ Blog: https://nautistyles.com/index .html ○ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NautiStyles/ //SHOP NAUTI GEAR: https://shopnauti.com/ //CAMERA GEAR FOLOSIT: ○ Camera – https://amzn.to/31gjSoZ ○ Dronă – https://amzn.to/38wLj1y ○ Microfoane fără fir – https://amzn.to/2FE0XNq ○ Microfoane cu fir – https://amzn.to/345jjQT ○ Card SD – https://amzn.to/3j76sSv ○ Gimbal – https://amzn.to/3k9vXUr ○ Light – https://amzn.to/3dzBotx //SUBSCRIBE AICI: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRft… //WATCH NEXT: ○ Bering 65 https://youtu.be/zUNhn1KzCko ○ Sunreef 60 Sail https://youtu.be/zDGPahgAebk 0:00 Introducere 0:15 Exterior 10:15 Cârmă 13:03 Cabine pentru oaspeți 16:22 Interior 26:18 Sala motoare 29:05 SPECIFICAȚII 29:48 OUTtaks Mulțumim pentru vizionare! Ahoy, căpitanul V DECLINAREA RESPONSABILITĂȚII: Linkurile incluse în această descriere pot fi link-uri afiliate. Dacă achiziționați un produs sau serviciu cu link-urile pe care le ofer, este posibil să primesc un mic comision. Nu există nicio taxă suplimentară pentru tine! Vă mulțumesc că îmi susțineți canalul, astfel încât să vă pot oferi în continuare conținut gratuit în fiecare săptămână!


34 de comentarii la „2021 NEEL 47 TRIMARAN Croazieră Croazieră Croazieră Charter Yacht Tour

  1. I was sold when you showed the master bedroom , helm and galley. Before seeing this boat I would have dreamed of an Outremer 50'-60'. The sailing around the world YT channels could even turn the master into a film studio. If you didn't mind sleeping in a double in one of the hulls that master could be turned into a huge workshop. They even put seating in the engine room for when you work on the motor. If you were a traveling surgeon you could turn the master into an operating room. The only negative I could see is a bit more rocking side to side than on a catamaran.

  2. The Neel is a great boat. But in quality and finish it mirrors the bargain price level under 500K. If you look in details, you see cheap and weak materials. I like this boat and the concept. But in detail I would do(must have) some major customization. Of course that will bring the price up. But I don’t want the feeling of an IKEA standard boat in furniture. Outside I miss some major handrails to make safe round walking possible. The winch and sailing materials to me needs some better quality in materials either. Also the rope brakes. I guess the price will easily go up significantly when the proper customization is done. I don’t understand the Neel company strategy in cheep pricing to other brands. They don’t have to fear the mono or catamarans with their trimaran concept. It is unique and gives great performance.

  3. OOOhh, wow, a lot of storrage, blabla. By the way, have you ever been on a boat??? Do you have an idea, how to use the guest toilet on this boat with the open door in the back? Or have you tried to close the entrance before unsing the toilet, but everything very cool

  4. I had a (New Zealand-designed) Hartley trimaran back in the late 70s. I routinely used the boom to hoist the dinghy on board, which was aluminium and rather heavier than today's ubiquitous rubber dingies.

  5. I've always liked the idea of a trimaran as I do believe they combine the strengths of both worlds, but seeing this I'm a little unclear as to why anyone would buy this over a catamaran.
    Like, what specific use case would you use it for.
    The lack of two engines reduces your redundancy, which is a bit of a shame. You're still about as wide or even wider than a cat, but now you need a bow thruster to ease maneuvering.
    I also have some concerns with it during bad weather, you have only one helm position and it's rather exposed. You can close it up ofc, but still not as great as I've seen on many cats.
    Likewise your guests will be kinda stuck and feel isolated in their smallish rooms in such a situation and would need to brave the storm if they wanted to get inside. That wouldn't work for us at least. Though I see someone commenting that the 51 does have internal access.

  6. lol.
    So here is the fusion reactor that powers the ship.
    Boating people: thats pretty neat!

    So look at this deep storage in this locker over here….
    Boating people: HOLY SMOKES!!!!

  7. If you are sailing a trimaran, you have some advantages over catamaran, due to it's narrow hull width, less wetted area when under sail due to one hull being out of the water for the most part.
    The main mono-hull is more efficient through the water than a wide cat hull, with 4ft draft and due to it's length helps the sail boat point higher into the wind. ( A very important issue when you want to sail and avoid fuel costs.) The only rough spots were the unfinished in-hull storage and the lack of engine room sound proofing. Video of a Trimaran sailing VS a Catamaran sailing is a night VS day comparison.

  8. What a lovely boat! My Only concern for taller people is the helm seat hangs down into the salon and has a hard 90 deg fiberglass corner. I would think that should be at least a 6 inch diameter radius , there is no reason for it to be a hard 90 that I can see . Great review Guy's CHEERS AND FAIR WINDS Steve h.

  9. I imagine from These;

    The more they large displacents were the more the complex I expense, thus that means they need more numbers of manpower and the lives difficulties

    it is something weird to deluxed those luxury sailboats especially sailing cruisers not only for price expensive but labors getting merely critical compare than to the Power Cruisers can able to navigate even piloted for one man whilst the rest of few manpowers were still the effective auxiliary workforce that they normally cope the curricular maritime conventions

    for me
    I can wonders Tiny cruiser a Trimaran category enough to coping with trans-ocean seaworthiness whilst can navigate at least one man

    the more the small displacement were the more to ease the sailing tensions whilst low to critical hazards

    By the Way
    I also like the nice things but for me a safe is prior at first hand

  10. The feedback a helmsman gets from the Trimaran is much the same as a monohull. Much better feel from a Trimaran than a Cat. At this point in experience and age, sticking with the pilothouse monohulls. Looking to see what other videos you have.

  11. There we go again try Maroons and catamarans by the way you should wear with Red Wings slip on boots when you're on boats your feet are way too big you're going to smack your feet into something and bust your toenails just trying to help

  12. It has alot of stuff I like and and lot of stuff that isn't how I would of built it I've the way mechanical lay out and that is big deal in boat people don't keep servicing the boat in mind when buying boat .but when stuff breaks down in worst timing last thing you want is to fix stuff doing in yoga positions 105 degree humidity access to equipment is the best pro

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