36 m Gentleman's Sailing Yacht Interior De Vânzare
47 1 minut 10 luni

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47 de comentarii la „36 m Gentleman’s Sailing Yacht Interior De Vânzare

  1. What does he really mean by "Gentleman" and "Gentleman's yacht"? Outdated loser? All the other rich men don't want this boat presumably. But I'm definitely a gentleman, I love it! This is really what one wants to entertain guests, keep them busy on the winches, rather than sitting about being served by butlers and getting tipsy, much more fun for all. There should be a wheel in the public area at the stern, so the owner can sail it in company of his guests, not stuck away in the cabin alone. What's the point of a sailing boat if you're going to hire a professional skipper to sail it for you? Like buying a Ferrari and hiring a chauffeur.

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