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Așează-te, relaxează-te și urmărește Far: Lone Sails pentru o călătorie uimitoare Obține bilete la filmul meu: https://www.momenthouse.com/jacksepticeye CAFEA: https://topofthemornincoffee.com/ ►Twitter : https:// twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacksepticeye


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  1. Considering Jack plays games for a living, I am often amazed at how bad he can be at them.
    This was like watching a three year old trying to use chopsticks.
    Maybe that's the appeal.

  2. So this game is basically the song "A horse with no name" Traveling through the desert, then reaching the place where sand turned to sea. I live it.

  3. JACK, in the slim chance of you seeing this comment. You actually could zoom out with the C key on the keyboard and the X Key was for zooming in. Hope this comment helps other people.

  4. Great open space, great music, ominous yet thrilling, the aftermath of something, desolation and beauty…sounds weird but very satisfying to watch and wonder…Thomas you've done well…

  5. Can't help but be invested in this game…2, 3 hours went by so fast…I was you Sean, urging Thomas on, loving the open spaces and beautiful music, just mesmerizing, and the artistry in the scenery was such a vibe, I kept hoping Thomas could go on…just loved it so much. Thanks so much for this game Sean.

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