Navigați spre Hawaii singur cu un trimaran mic între două uragane
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De la 11 ani visam să navighez în Hawaii. La 23 de ani, mi-am proiectat propriul trimaran, de 25 de picioare, și am construit-o în timpul liber pe o perioadă de patru ani. Ea a fost concepută pentru daysailing și weekend-uri pe Insula Catalina. Ea a avut mare succes în acest scop. Dar aveam nevoie de mai mult. Am navigat-o în Mexic de trei ori, inclusiv o circumnavigare a Baja California, de la nordul Mării Cortez până la Newport Beach. Una dintre călătorii a fost singur. Am decis să o navighez în Hawaii la 66 de ani, cât mai puteam. Deși mică, ea își dovedise navigabilitatea de multe ori. Pe această traversare s-au dezvoltat două uragane și s-au îndreptat împreună cu noi către Hawaii! A fost aventura vieții mele. Și a ei!


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  1. Nice job… and it takes alot of sack to make that voyage alone in a very small vessel… speaking of…nice job on building your own craft so many years ago and having it stay true…for the most part.

  2. Dude you are awesome! I can't believe I sat and watched the entire video. You hooked me in about 5 minutes. You are right nothing worth doing comes easy. Very generous of you too donate your beautiful boat. Thank you so much for documenting your journey. I'll bet you many that have watched this have gone back and watched it again. I'll do the same. Mahalo.

  3. Wow. I don’t usually comment on you tube videos but this was amazing. Congratulations on an incredible crossing. I’ve always wished I could have what it takes to take on such a monumental trip. I am truly at a loss for words. Your a brave man. Again, congratulations and thanks for posting your adventure.

  4. I am a 56 female. Never sailed before, but for some reason I want to do my skipper licence, was told I will have to do a Cross Atlantic, that got me to consider it again and went looking for crossings videos and find yours.  Thank you for your honesty and enthusiasm. I live in South Africa and from land the waves often seem huge. Was wondering what it would be in deep water. Thank you for the posting much appreciated.

  5. I sail on one of those large ships, that goes to and from Hawaii and LA, CA and some times we have to help you guys out on the high sea's and bring you to Hawaii. Stay Safe!

  6. Just watched your trip to Hawaii and can only say WOW! You are one brave and courageous man. I enjoy watching sailing adventures, but yours was very powerful. Those who have large boats with kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and large decks, can't hold a candle to your experience! You were right down in the ocean not high above it. I would like to know what size the " big rollers " were which were cause for deep concern? My brother and I have watched this video twice now. Are you still sailing since giving up your boat?

  7. Thanks for the reply Dale. My brother and I are both 70 years old and still adventurous in ways where we can manifest within the scope of our current resources. It felt as if we were on the boat with you. Really amazed how your inclusiveness and down to earth nature drew us in. I feel it safe to say that you have been and are a real blessing to all in your world!
    Blessings to you and your Family in all of your new adventures!
    Chris and Greg

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