VIAȚA BARCA: Am renuntat la speranta...
35 2 minute 6 luni

#343 Noul nostru IT’S A SQUALL MERCH este lansat acum! Citiți despre cum puteți ajuta la protejarea și restaurarea recifelor noastre de corali: -do-to-protect-coral-reefs/ /8-easy-ways-you-can-help-coral-reefs/ Consultați site-ul nostru: Ce produse folosim? Descarcă muzica lui Elayna aici! Întrebări frecvente Ce camere folosim? CAMERA MARE: ALTĂ CAMERA MARE: CAMERA UTILIZĂ: GOPRO: DRONE: Ce software folosim? Premiere Pro Predict Wind Mulțumim Epidemic Sounds ( pentru că ne-a oferit muzică grozavă pentru acest episod. 0:00 – 1:23 Springbreak – Ooyy 1:23 – 2:34 I’m Comin’ Home – Scott Panther 1:23 – 2:53 Racing Hearts – Mattie Maguire 4:39 – 5:17 Localizare Scouting – Christian Andersen 7:10 – 8:07: 2 – Rospigg (pentru a clarifica melodia se numește 2) 8:33 – 8:53 If feelings Could Kill – Trio Leo 10:27 – 11:32 Whole Lot Worse (Instrumental) – Sture Zetterberg 11:32 – 12:14 Bring the Rain Inside – Jones Meadow 14:55 – 16:02 Land of Eternal Spring – Cora Zee 16:02 – 17:16 Haystack – Biddy Sullivan 20:20 – 22:56 (sfârșit): În mâinile noastre – Zece turnuri


35 de comentarii la „VIAȚA BARCA: Am renuntat la speranta…

  1. Off topic, just been thinking about how you will educate the boys. If you are ever looking for the right home school program and curriculum? I highly recommend Classical Conversations with opportunities from a basic education to an advanced curriculum allowing your boys to graduate high school with a 2 yr college associate degree. The other is the Abeka curriculum, an excellent college prep homeschooling program.

    The weird things we think 🤔 of at odd times 🤪

  2. You need to stick to your plan. Stop taking political stances by taking political people on your boat. you lost a lost a lot of viewers.. Stay true to your your channel.. no need need to take Greta on your boat! You caved to politics!

  3. Wouldn't it be better, then, to ONLY catch what you will eat within a day or two? Rather than catch way more and give away the excess? Because the others might not really eat what they take and throw it away instead?

  4. There has always been climate change …. we would have a problem if there wasn´t. The problem is the population or at least that it what the Globalist say, population must be reduced in order to keep the planet sustainable, right? … Thank God we are on the way of a Big Reset where you are going to own nothing but you are gonna be happy. Im saying all these thing because that's what people who talk about climate change says either way.

  5. This talk about the degrading of the reefs, the last 10 years is the very END of the reefs. You only have to see the Cousteau videos of the 60-70's to understand that time was up for reefs 25 years ago and more. It used to be like a bloody pixar movie down there, now it's like your favourite colourful towel after 10 years of washes…actually it's worse than that. Just know people that this was happening regardless of your behaviours, we sped it up yes but the world was always heading towards the warming cycle and it's arrogance to think humanity could stop it happening. Just be thankful it's a warming period and not a cooling as that would most certainly starve 70% of all of you.

  6. Have too say that you know little about climate change which has happened over the centuries and thousands of the years of this planet, if you think it is caused by carbon you are very mistaken, you need too research the science weather experts and I don't mean the few liberal climate scientist that the corrupt NATO RECOMMENDS, but the majority of the worlds climate experts, but yes man does control the pollution of the air and of the oceans and rivers, also remember what makes the world greener (carbon), love your videos though

  7. Eating fish is part of the problem not the solution. Those that want to eat fish can't all go on their boat & catch one so that's what the trawlers do for then. You are privileged to have direct access millions don't have that access they are not eating any more than you as individuals. So just everyone stop eating fish that means you too…. !

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