Barca se înclină!  |  Sezonul 3 |  Yacht cu vele sub punte
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Mulțumesc Tom. #BDSY #CaptainGlenn #hayu Abonează-te la canalul oficial Hayu Hayu este locul unde poți urmări reality show-urile tale preferate oricând și oriunde vrei. Cu o mulțime de emisiuni în aceeași zi cu SUA și cu mii de episoade de Box Set-uri demne de binge încă de la început, hayu este casa fără îndoială a reality TV. Și dacă toate acestea nu au fost de ajuns, avem clipuri și fragmente exclusive pe care le poți partaja și rețelele sociale ale vedetelor tale preferate, toate într-un singur loc. Cu hayu, le poți avea literalmente pe toate.


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  1. Hahaha perfect question to ask " do you want some coffee ?" if it was me on that boat, I would be NO HONEY pass me that nice looking grey goose. Cause if shits hits the fan or should I say shit SINKS I don't want to be sober lmao

  2. Everyone think it was Tom's fault but Ashley did wakeup early and distracted Tom from his job to why the yacht was dragging. She fucked with his head in the beginning and is manipulating those she can.

  3. Ashley threw Tom under the bus and said that Tom knew the boat was dragging. As soon as Tom knew he told someone right away. I hope the captain realizes he was a cowrd to remove Tom. He should remove the skank Ashley who want to interrupt the boat and sleep with everyone. Gary is right to stay away from her. Tom is lucky to leave so he doesn't get mentally abused by Ashley. I hope Tom will overlook the captains incompetence. You are only as good as your captain. Good luck in the future Tom, you are young and there will be a good bosses out there to lead you in the right direction.

  4. Absolutely LOVE that during this fucking massive catastrophe she reverted right back into stewardess mode like "I can't do fuck all heavy lifting but I sure as hell can make u some refreshments"

  5. Not watched the show, but anchored here in this wind, can't they set a crew rota that'll have someone waking every 40-60 mins checking the GPS distance to shore and depth sounder? Write it on a notebook, with instructions to wake the skipper if values get below a level or seem to be moving faster since the last crew's note.

  6. Anchoring on a lee shore with a 4.4m draught and not knowing that 30kns of wind was coming is seriously dull. Not having someone on-watch on the bridge is also in contravention of IMO regulations (for commercial vessels) and seriously dull. They have guests but they might be private in which case the IMO rule doesnt apply, but its still seriously dull.

  7. Why does this only happen with Captain Glenn? We can't allow bad thoughts to get inside us, but this person has a problem with discipline and employing failed people, something like this will drown everyone, Glen, check yourself

  8. This series has some truly appalling crew who should never be hired again. Arrogant, insubordinate, self-centred and always sniping about fellow crew. And if the guests knew who was fouling their paid for spa pool the night before, they would likely disembark and go and stay in a true 5 star resort hotel. It is not a positive look at cruising. Just dressed up trash. 🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨

  9. Seriously…they should find another job.They have an amazing boat,with tons of technology and a lot of crew and they fail to anchor the boat properly…i cant imagine them on rough waters in the Aegean Sea during the summer…

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