Mai mare decât un copil mic.  Remote Island HOMUS
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#345 Priviți prietenii noștri de la @Back 2 Basics Adventures. Puteți găsi cursul lui Adam aici: Ia niște produse oficiale La Vaga! Aveți nevoie de mai mult conținut de la SLV? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru pe Patreon pentru previzualizări ale episoadelor viitoare și streamuri live regulate pentru a discuta cu noi în timp real Accesați site-ul nostru: Descărcați muzica Elaynas aici! Întrebări frecvente Ce camere folosim? CAMERA MARE: ALTĂ CAMERA MARE: CAMERA LA MÂNĂ: GOPRO: DRONE: Ce software folosim? Premiere Pro Predict Wind


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  1. Nothing for nothing .
    But your husband looks like a snort head .
    Your voyage could never be authentic to the core with all that camera footage .
    Would love to see how this guy manages a livelihood in the real world with all these kids u had at sea. Seems like for him this is just one big escape from reality .
    And u all know , no escape lasts a life time.
    Sorry to come across so candid . But u also know I just pulled up your very own intuition .

  2. I love your videos but I have to admit…. It makes me nervous watching those two babies crawling and walking so close to the edge…. Without safety jackets on. 😞

  3. @Sailing La Vagabonde
    Little trick I picked up from an outfitter friend who runs a fishing camp in northern Canada.
    If your having trouble getting up on plane in the water.
    Make a big circle (@ about 80% throttle), then about 2 boat lengths before you're about to cross your own wake, hit it at full throttle.
    The acceleration just before you come over the wake usually gives you enough boost of speed to get up on plane, as you jump the wake.
    it's mostly about timing & angle hitting the wake. Basically using the wake to reduce the drag enough to gain the momentum you need.

    I've used this a few times, once in particular we were very overloaded, and I kind of "surfed" the boat down the wake to build up the speed. Bit sketchy, but effective.

    Adjusting the trim pin closer to the transom, so the boat doesn't dig so much, and adding a "Dolphin" hydrofoil to the outboard may also help when loaded up a bit heavier.
    Having used the hyrdofoils, I can confirm it helps the boat get on plane faster.

    Good test/review on the foils and trim pin adjustment.

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