o familie care navighează în jurul lumii
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  1. Thank you for showing the True & honest Maldives! Not the tourist trap, fake Maldives paradise videos that the Maldivians want shown to bring in tourist dollars!

  2. This isnt advice because you are already doing it but keep including your beautiful childern in all you do….like teaching Bodhi fishing. "FISH ON!" ….might be their first words!

  3. The reason mahi mahi travel in pairs is they mate for life.
    They communicate with each other through the changing colors on their skin.They communicate with each other to coordinate their movements when hunting schools of fish.

  4. I found you and your lovely family about four years ago and have followed you ever since, and would just like to say I think your people to be admired, even through the bad times you still come out smiling. Keep up the good work 👍

  5. You hear a lot of stories about piracy and having an unknown vessel try to get close would make me second guess. but with that said I think I would have some smokes and alcohol on board for trade even though I don't partake of either.

  6. Well 2 weeks ago I started with your first video and I've finally caught up today. Thanks for the great 2 weeks. I'll certainly become a member. Y'all have been so much fun. Especially since your close to my age!! Lol

    Keep Sailing. Sean


  8. Love you and your two beautiful kids, have been following you from before you had kids, have really got to know quite well. Thanks 🙏 Kind regards Errol

  9. I would just like to say hats off to you both. I became a teacher to spend time with my son,(because of all the school holidays, missing out on him growing up) now I would do something like you two and go on an adventure of a life time. Your children are learning and experiencing cultures, science, navigation, maths, languages that no school in the world could give them (because hands on experience beats theory). I have huge admiration for you both, and love your videos which I have just discovered. Education is not limited to 4 walls, you can enrich your child's learning through so many other means, and now there is distant learning as well so it is a win win situation.

  10. Yeah…next time, Buy a Few Cartons, and When These Guys Pull Up, Put Three Packs in Some Cheap Plastic Container,, and Throw It Overboard. Let Them Turn and Hunt Down Container, and You Keep Going.
    You Can Buy a Glad Plastic Blue Lid Containers Fairly Cheap. You Need to Realize, in Those 3rd World Countries, There Are Roadblocks, Where 4-8 Guys Will Stop Traffic, and Try and Get Stuff. Ocean is no Different. They're what the West Would Say 'Homeless' They're Just Begging for Change.

    99% of People Living on Street are Not 'Homeless' Homelessness is a Mental Illness. A True Homeless Person Will Not Beg. They're Mental Isolationists. Those Dudes on Those Boats, are Not Mental. They're Thuggish Desperate.

    You Do Realize…What Keeps Them at Bay, is You Could Have an AR-15. If They Knew You Didn't Have Weapons, They WOULD Try to Board You.

  11. I would put the children first and not connect with the fishermen. If anything happened to either of you the children would be my worry.

  12. No I don’t think I would trade I smoke and don’t drink. I have been following your journey fora while. I love your videos. And love the kids. They are so great.💖🇦🇺

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