Femeie care navighează singură peste Atlantic |  Documentar complet
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Emma Ringqvist lasă în urmă stresul vieții moderne și petrece 164 de zile singură pe Oceanul Atlantic într-o mică barcă cu vele. Acest film include poezia lui Stephen Jenkinson, înregistrată și aranjată de Gregory Hoskins. Include, de asemenea, lucrări de artă din proiectul Land Sailor al lui Daniel Beerstecher, filmat de Erik Schimschar. De asemenea: fotografie de pe insula îndepărtată Tristan Da Cunha de renumitul fotograf de călătorie Andy Isaacson. „The Art of Slowing Down Time”, un film de Mattias Olsson pentru Campfire Stories *** Urmărește mai multe dintre filmele noastre la https://campfire-stories.org/ Ne poți susține munca la https://www.patreon.com /mattiasolsson


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  1. Admirable Emma, you are not only a terrific sailor and a fine singer with a gorgeous voice, but also cool dresser who knows the importance of crossing oceans in great style! No stupid ugly gore-tex or insipid technical clothing, but gorgeous woolen sweaters, groovy embroideries and smart scarves. All wore in a tasteful nonchalant way… I love it! Good winds, and be well!

  2. Haven't even watched it yet… And I've already clicked liked!
    The words: "Atlantic, solo, sailing" in the title was enough to do it for me. Well done you!!! 💯😎🙏🏻

  3. Thanks for being honest about emotional roller coaster, true for me in normal life…I have a 3 year old son, parenthood has kicked my ass… But I hope to sail with him soon and in the future..That’s crazy being in the doldrums knowing some have gotten stuck for almost a month there, mental challenge passed!

  4. So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you. This has touched me in so many ways. I felt the spectrum of emotions. Beautifully portrayed and documented. Best of luck, safe travels and many blessings abound. ✨

  5. I can see people watching this and thinking there is no way they would want to do something like but at the same time I know there are those of us that long for it.

  6. I'm just flabbergasted by your soul , ease of determination and the inherent kindness that you most certainly have. WOW . To have a friend like you would be life changing… just to sit with you and very little conversation if any would be wonderful. Just incredible…

  7. Such inspirational story telling, brilliantly produced with such poetic vision. Bless all adventurous souls!!! Old Buckles says it so well and and I echo his words. By far the most artistic and creative video production I have ever watched. Thank you for sharing your art.

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