5 motive pentru a NU cumpăra o barcă cu vele în direct - (Urmăriți-vă înainte de a cumpăra!)
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După trei ani de viață pe o barcă cu vele cu normă întreagă, am aflat pe calea grea despre unele dintre dificultățile reale de a trăi pe o barcă cu vele pentru care nu eram pregătiți. Dacă vă gândiți să cumpărați o barcă cu vele pentru a vă aventura în acest mod de a trăi, atunci asigurați-vă că îl urmăriți mai întâi, astfel încât să puteți lua o decizie în cunoștință de cauză cu privire la viața ambarcațiunii. Dacă doriți să susțineți eforturile noastre mari de filmare britanică, atunci asigurați-vă că vizitați pagina noastră Patreon, aici: https://www.patreon.com/sailingcadoha Aflați mai multe despre barca noastră și istoria ei: https://www. .cadoha.com/our-boat Aflați mai multe despre echipajul din Cadoha și despre trecutul nostru: https://www.cadoha.com/crew-page Vizitați magazinul lui Carly, plin cu hainele ei de casă, reciclate: https:/ /www.cadoha.com/etsy-shop ********** Cele mai utile achiziții de bărci (AMAZON) de până acum: *********** * Suport Ipad: https:// amzn.to/3z2TSOe & https://amzn.to/3zk6qlA * Încălzitor diesel chinezesc: https://amzn.to/3RJvvO1 * Căști interfon (fără fir): https://amzn.to/3yTE0gN * Dometic ‘ ladă frigorifică/congelator: https://amzn.to/3OiJTtH * Plită electrică: https://amzn.to/3yaRHaU * Aragaz electric (Air Ninja): https://amzn.to/3IebLxn * Anchor float/ pick minge pentru linia noastră de ancorare reglabilă: https://amzn.to/3Id7Fps Ne puteți găsi și pe Instagram, aici: https://www.instagram.com/sailingcadoha/ Videoclipul nostru complet PlayList (În ordine) Sezonul 1 (scuze pentru filmările și editarea oribile de atunci) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j31x3… Sezonul 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=mXQTl… Videoclipuri ale sezonului LOCKED DOWN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIkPz… Proiecte de iarnă și upgrade-uri (2020/2021): https://www.youtube.com/ urmăriți?v=YGIh4… Sezonul 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAQ9h…


41 de comentarii la „5 motive pentru a NU cumpăra o barcă cu vele în direct – (Urmăriți-vă înainte de a cumpăra!)

  1. sure am glad you stopped me from buing a boat . the boat industry would be proud of you and the small Island communit, think of the money I would spend there thank you

  2. sounds like your trying to talk people out of living aboard a sale boat ! 7 years without one dollar ! and as far as hank , He will go to the bathroom on board , I assure you he will !

  3. So far the realest video. The rest are like, yeah, it's great, free, all travelling. Well bullcrap to that. They never say how they get the money to continue living FREE. Mummy and daddy have deep pockets. Food, fuel, gear,parts, insurance, port fees, maintenance, etc. Then again YouTube is full of crap videos that idiots believe. It's extremely expensive to live on a boat.

  4. I have 2 Vizsla's if I dont let them zoom around the yard a few times a day they start climbing the walls. A Vizsla is 100% energy, 110% of the time. You are very lucky Hank, who is very good looking I might add, is so laid back.

  5. The funny thing is… having lives years and years in a large 5th wheel rv, I can say that pretty much all of these points directly apply to RV living as well XD. Obviously, it's a lot easier being on land, but these points are the same. You basically become an electrician, plumber, repair man, etc. Every time we traveled, things broke, like slides and the underbelly and so on. We also had to let our dog AND cat out several times a day when traveling. Also finding RV parks that fit our rv, were cheap, and that had reliable restrooms, electricity and plumbing took a lot of time to find. We also had to give up reliable internet, a nice shower, big beds, and most of all any space for the whole family. But the payoff, for me at least, was well worth it. We wen tall over the US, from the Keys in Florida where we scuba dove, to the massive redwoods in Northern California.

    I really hope I can get a live aboard sailboat someday. I already had my dream of RV living, now I want to live my dream of living on a sailboat.

  6. Compared to a house/apartment/unit the comparison wanes quickly. Things break in houses constantly, yards need maintenance, and then there’s the never ending crap people accumulate. Houses cost a fortune, including insurances, rates, etc. In a house you can’t sleep because of neighbours, traffic, thieves and scoundrels. In a house pets can be a problem, and councils make it harder all the time.

    Bottom line for me – boat life is cheaper, easier, less worrisome and more pet friendly than ‘house life’ ever was.

  7. Good Points. Plus Hungarian Vizslas are definitely worth it. One was the best Pal imaginable, great to work with, plus he could talk and get emotional when something bad happened, such as Beachcasting with a friend, and I was using a Pier Rod, I'd been given as a youngster, which Chester had watched me Refurbish in the Winter. It was one of those fibreglass Rods that plugged into the handle. After a couple oh hours, I did a big Cast, and along with the end tackle, the Rod Part flew into the Distance, with Chester Watching. Started, he looked at me, looked at the direction the Rod had flown, looked back at me, then ran to my friend talking away as if saying Steve ! Did you see what Happened, and started moaning and running back and forth between Steve and me, and pointing in the direction the Rod had gone. Steve and myself were laughing our socks off and reassuring Chester that it was ok, that .I had other Rods, and while a bit sad, it wasn't the end of the World, and he calmed down, maybe seeing the funny side of ot himself. Treasure every moment you get with your Vizsla, because once you lose them, it's such a hard blow, it's really difficult to get another one. I love dogs, all breeds, Mongrels, but imho, every Dog Lover should treat themselves to the Friendship of a Vizsla. I got Chester from that Great Vizsla Breeder, the late Mrs Gottleib, and I had to go to meet her at Crufts, to see if .I'd be suitable to have one. It was in the Vizsla Section of the Show of course, and it Turned out I was being interviewed by the Dogs. There were a lot of Vizsla there, and allmof them wanted to touch me, lean on me, sit next to me or sit on me, and Mrs Gottleib just said "You'll Do, then when I went tomher kennels to pick up a Pup. She had me sit down, the Pups introduced themselves, all but one wandering off, but one got on the seat and sat on my lap, and that was Chester. 👍
    Regarding living aboard, my rules for my new boat No Timber on decks, Cockpit or Bathing Platform, Synthetic only, no aluminium Cleats or Mast Top Fittings, 316 stainless only, below decks, no carpets, synthetic flooring with maybe a couple of rugs, and no Fabrics on vertical surfaces like bulkheads etc, and definitely not anywhere near the galley. a large double drawer freezer and a fridge, imho are essential. Service everything earlier than specified. Boat wiring properly done to higher standards than Marine Certification (which are a minimum) with all wire ends tinned prior to crimping . A Galvanic Transformer rather than just a Galvanic isolator, helps reduce "stuff" just breaking. 600 dollars ish versus 300 dollars ish is worth the extra. Above decks and below decks, you have reduced cleaning and maintenance efforts substantially – more time for looking after other stuff properly. Oversized Rocna (if you're OK at setting anchors, a genuine properly made Lewmar Delta is mostly fine, but even Lewmar ones aren't what they were, and there's so many Fakes now, not worth the risk), and all Chain Rode with a snubber. Do Not use Stainless, as there can be serious issues you can't spot – but Shiny ! – Do Not Buy Chinese Galvanised Chain it is oretty uniformly Crap, with rubbish galvanising. Get Calibrated that has every link stamped, so assuring source. Make sure your anchor Chain locker is properly draining, no pooling with Seawater at the bottom, keep the drains clear, and when pulling up the Anchor, if you can, hose off with fresh water, OR, pour a bucket of fresh water over the chain , let it drain, then pour a second bucket. Warch the condition of the galvanising on anchor and Chain, and when it gets dull, you can spray paint them as the paint will then get into the galvanising and extend its life, which can carry you until you can get it all triple galvanised. Anchor Windlass – make sure it is well up to the job of handling the oversized anchor plus chain weight, without breaking a sweat. Seperate Showers with a 2 heads layout is good, with seats in the showers being nice if underway. I'm thinking of having composting toilets in both heads, with the holding tank being for urine and shower drain. May go with freshwater electric flush, but they mean maintenance and servicing and extra pipework. Depends how good composting toilets have become I suppose, and they're a real Rip Off for what they have been. Electronics on boats have become so complex and comprehensive, it looks as if installations can actually be simplified. Masthead wind speed and direction sensor, AIS Transceiver antenna plus VHF, Radar mid mast, FLIR closer to the deck, MFD at each helm propulsion senders into the Network, tankage and such, and a forward arc 3D transponder with sidescan, and really anything extra can be done with phone or tablet, and / or a Bulkhead mounted multipurpose TV below. I was hopingbfor no TV or HiFi distractions on board tbh. All the basic Safety electronics pretty much, to keep insurance companies happy. Anyway, I've rambled on enough. I'll give you a subscribe and wish you Fair Winds and Happy Anchorages. Bob about 18 months awaybfrom another boat, all things being equal. 👍

  8. Thanks for the balance! I've been sitting with my 2 newish rescue dogs (Izzi looks just like Hank) in the mountains, wondering I could live and sail with them. So helpful to have your input and see Hank in beautiful places. Hopefully Hank and Izzi can run together on a beach someday 🙂

  9. Well then sell your boat move into an apartment in a city and suffer with crime and all the other crap personally I've been living on my boat for years and I wouldn't have it any other way if my neighbors act poorly I untie the lines and I move I travel the world with my children I have all sorts of adventures but the most important thing is I've grown so close with my kids how many 14-year-old twins want to travel around with a 65-year-old father mine do and I'm the better man for it all because of living on my boat I wouldn't trade it for anything so yeah go ahead and dissuade other people from living on their boat just means more freedom for me!!!

  10. I spend large chunks of time aboard with my dog and she won’t toilet onboard either. Only two breaks a day is optimistic – particularly if you have an older dog and/or they’ve eaten something they found under a rock last time you were ashore! 😱 My sweet lady is nearly thirteen and has a bit of arthritis and dodgy knees so we have to be careful about jumping and running and she does need to go ashore at least four times a day IN ALL WEATHER at all hours of the day and night. I constantly have her in mind when checking the forecast and if it looks like bad weather coming we make a visit to shore so she’s comfortable waiting out the blow. Getting her into the bouncing dingy from the bouncing boat, in the dark, single handed, is a challenge – but it’s those trips rowing to shore at 0200 in the quiet of the night when the wonder of a sky full of stars leaves me breathless, and the trails of phosphorescence left by my oars delight me. Then I thank my little old lady for that experience as we snuggle back in bed with a hot water bottle 🥰.

  11. you are forever tied to the vessel that has to be docked in most places. cost cost cost. then you have the unwanted police whom hate liveaboards. you either have to have lots of money or you better start learning a new langue because they hate you here

  12. It is true, all five reasons not to buy. My take on buying a liveaboard, being single now for fourteen years, buying a used boat is like getting married again when you KNOW that voice in the back of your head says "don't do it, but the voice in your pants contradicts."……so you do it.

  13. Good video to consider before buying, but are you talking about living aboard some 30 year old POS boat? Lol! I mean what if I'm buying a brand new sail boat? How long before I can expect something to break? I realize that's a pretty general question, but on average.

  14. yeah salts nasty n causes alot of damage as does water whn its on v wrong area. urs is a yacht, a sailbaot is usually rnd v 15 -17 foot length used 4 day sailing. renting a swing mooring is cheap 2, n mre secure van anchoring. yeah everything takes longer n is harder to do lving onbaord, n after a while i found it tirring, its was fione whn i lived ashore n only wnt sailing once a fortnight 4 wknds. choosing to b a drugie is expensive in mre ways van 1. yes one is in an unstable n chaning environe=ment so deep restful slps arnt v norm in my expereince, esp if at anchor, btr whn on a swing mooring. dogs onothers boats r a pain.

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