Catamaran Nautitech 46 - Navigare 2600nm și revizuire
23 1 minut 5 luni

Navigați cu catamaranul Nautitech 46 din Franța în Croația. Traversarea Golfului Biscaia și a Mării Mediterane. 30 de zile și 2600nm. Cum să navighezi și să trăiești la bordul unui catamaran cu vele. ABONAȚI-VĂ la canalul meu: Canalul meu YouTube în aer liber /skipper_igor/


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  1. Another nice video – This is the second video of yours that I am watching. This year I am trying to get into sailing classes and learn. These cats are so spacious and smooth, I can picture myself enjoying ocean on one. Thanks!

  2. Geez that is a good looking man. Boat talking Mathew McCanahey look alike. Geez Teach me to sail Croatia Igor .. Friends and fam always said how amazing Croatia is. I thought God rested on the seventh day in Laguna Beach /San Clemente. If Croatia is anything like the photos it was definitely Croatia.

  3. WOW, what a long video you done. I certainly learnt a lot from watching your videos. I think the inside helm station would be good for someone who needs back and neck exercise. LOL
    But seriously, what you suggested was a good idea. Do you own Sandyline or are you a majority shareholder….LOL
    I certainly hope Nautitech is watching this video and take note. In fact they should get you as a designer for their yachts. Tell them I sent you..LOL

  4. Do you think it would have been better to have a Parasail or a symmetrical spinnaker for the downwind sections as I find going downwind on my helia with a Code 0 and Main Painfull especially if there's a big swell and the main is flopping around? Also a huge thank you for the explanation for a wing on Wing as I have never got that to work and now I realise why, using the main to bounce the wind, Will this work with a Gennaker as it's a slightly bigger sail and comes back further. I also agree on Square top main what a pain they are and avoid them if you can as getting it past lazy Jacks is an art form on its own lol. Those helm positions in Australia would cook you in the Northern latitudes and the lack of visabiliy in marinas would stress the hell out me or did you get used to it?

  5. How to convert 2600 nautical miles to kilometers

    To convert 2600 NM to kilometers you have to multiply 2600 x 1.852, since 1 NM is 1.852 kms

    So, if you want to calculate how many kilometers are 2600 nautical miles you can use this simple rule.


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