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  1. Your life looks amazing. I know you must-have your hard and trying days. But it certainly seemed worth it. Your two boys are so handsome. I have three boys. What an awesome child hood they have. Growing up with this life . The stories they will be also able to tell to their future partners ect. I have been on a small boat a few times. My step dad used to own a boat. I went on with My mum and step dad to a few different places. Not too far away. However I just found it so relaxing. It was like my problems worried were all left on the shore. I left them there and once We were off flying, kind of lol. Through the water. I felt elated. Just this complete feeling of freedom and utter happiness. Can't wait to please God one days do it again. Definitely on my bucket list. Happy to of found your vblogs. 😍😍

  2. Yay, you seized the moment to go with a better flow… water kinda makes us go that way, even fish swimming upstream gotta use the eddies for a breather. Awsome family you got going. Post script, I like the blue cabinets for the tri hull, but you guys will pick the best for yourselves in the end.

  3. Hey Mate I worked the Rigs in Utah And Colorado winters included. I started in Worms corner,then to throwing chain, then up in the derricks,
    Before all the electrical equipment! There’s only a few of us cheers!

  4. You guys are fantastic. I tried your black bean patties the other day, and they were really good. They didn't hold together very well. But still tasty. Thank you. Love you guys..

  5. What an amazing video, you guys are the best , you’re right trying to get blood out of a stone 😂 so modest, but how did you both first meet , sorry if I’m going over old ground , but I’m fairly need to your channel and it’s the best out there imho. G

  6. I just stumbled lately on your videos and have been totally sucked in. A past sailor/diver, before kids arrived, so I understand and appreciate all that you are going through and I am in total awe of how you both have handled everything from small to large thing you have encountered. It is all in the wonderful attitude that you two have. Just remarkable to be facing all this day after day with such you zen…really inspiring for the young – and perhaps the not so young 😉 If you can surmount all this at sea then you can surmount anything!! Keep on wonderful souls <3

  7. Great videos- Please be aware (you probably are by now) that lionfish venom does indeed remain active long after the fish has died. Most people are stung on the boat after the kill or even long after while cleaning the fish. Please keep it coming!!

  8. I think Eleyna is making a great job filming and editing these videos.. there’s always something new and they are so well structured and balanced. What people like is what she can communicate

  9. The Frank Zappa of sailing. Since you are spending a ton on carbon fibre could you not incorporate Tesla solar tiles to external hulls to pick up light from water reflection?

  10. I’d love to help Riley on the boat for a month for $0 pay but I’d gain a million dollars in knowledge….Riley is a survivalist who can make it no matter the situation….I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and had this pipe dream living on a boat with my better half , LOVE THIS CHANNEL 🤘🏼

  11. Your Parents must be very proud of you Riley, I am & I don’t even know you. Well done mate. The both of you. I wish I had pulled my finger out when I was younger. You’ve earnt that smile you must wake up with every day.

  12. Cool video! I started watching you guys when Nate & Kara were on board. At first I thought, why do you guys have so many subscribers and what could you possibly do on a boat to keep everyone entertained? Well now I know, and glad to be a subscriber. No doubt planning out what you’re going to film, filming it then editing it takes a ton of time, especially editing! But in addition to this you’re raising a family and running other businesses, you guys must be working all the time. You guys rock! Enjoy being young!

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