Plec in sfarsit!  Navigați SOLO înapoi în Bahamas din FLORIDA [ep 11]
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Am plecat în sfârșit din Florida după aproape 4 luni! Mai erau unele incertitudini legate de direcție și solar, plus navigarea în jurul unui vânt frontal, dar am reușit! A fost o traversare generală grozavă și sunt atât de încântat să fiu în sfârșit acasă. Deveniți un Patron! Acces la conținut exclusiv (inclusiv conținut suplimentar Mako) și streamuri live Venmo: Luați niște Soul de La Merch! Verificați site-ul meu: Rezervați un charter Echipament de navigație de la MauriPro: https:/ / Îmbrăcăminte/echipament: Produse pe care le folosesc: Lista de dorințe: Instagram


48 de comentarii la „Plec in sfarsit! Navigați SOLO înapoi în Bahamas din FLORIDA [ep 11]

  1. Cool vid and cute girl. Get a better wind shield for mic. Show more of the ocean and the intricacies of sailing. What's normal for navigation to you is alien to us or some of us so more info on that would be cool. Also if you could show a crude map of your journey as you travel. Those are my only improvements to suggest as suggested. Safe travels.

  2. When I Charter Laura's Boat – it will be the most fun charter she will ever do. Me and my friends will party with live music, me on guitar, and everyone on pots and pans keeping the beat. We will do a lot of night sailing in deep water, because night sailing is the best. We will do long day trips to remote places like San Salvador, and to the Turks. And everyone will help with the choirs. I will catch lots of fish and grill on the beach, to keep her galley clean. We will clean up our own rooms and do our own dishes. And Capt. Landers can smile, and laugh, and enjoy herself after all the challenges she has endured. She and I will free dive lobster in a fishing contest to determine the best. It will a charter that one can never forget, like so many I did before. And the first song every night will be dedicated to The Lord. This song special for Laura, the crew, and all of us charter guest.

  3. 😮😮😮❤❤❤❤❤That’s my home town NASSAU!! I really hope you had a great time. And hope you got that CONCH SALAD. Wow you really made me miss home. But glad you did 🎉

  4. Admire the hell out of you for pursuing your dreams at such a young age. You are brave and clearly very intelligent. Be safe and best of luck in your endeavors. Cool cat by the way.

  5. Captain Laura, Marine Biologist. Located anywhere you want in the Bahamas. All you can eat seafood platter every day! Save money catching your own fresh fish and lobster FREE! Learn why you should never eat farm raised fish from a professional who knows. Begin with this extraordinary video that tells us why global food shortages and rising prices. Laura will show you it's better in the Bahamas.

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  7. great clip, I like your first mate am sure he pulls his weight in helping out.. My wife and I are full-time liveaboards in the South Pacific. We love the life style. all the best with your sailing adventures

  8. I like ladies single handed And filming (salute) , it’s my dream.

    I won’t be able to dooze off with that auto pilot night sailing lol.
    u made it all easy and naturally beautiful !

    Maybe a wind/ fluffy microphone to clip on your bikini straps…looking forward to seeing your next daily routine / check list.

  9. I recently started following and I think you provide better content for solo traveler. Best wishes and blessings! I'm a travels agent and if you need some prices for Island stay; I think I can help! Thank you for sharing!

  10. This just popped up on my feed…. You should get one of those wind proof mics… there was a whole section at we couldn’t hear what you you were saying… and I don’t want to miss a thing…. Beautiful…

  11. I'm a big cat person and one of the sacrifices I made when becoming a digital nomad sailing explorer was having a cat. This is inspiring. I always though I would need to raise a cat from the beginning in a boat environment so she would be comfortable. Were there permits? I'm sailing a similar route coming up here. Its refreshing to see a real mermaid which it would appear you are. Great video. Fair winds.

  12. My favourite island was Andros did 6 months marine conservation and shark protection there. Lots of dive sites and great underwater exploration plus the blue holes are great. Nassau was too busy for me

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