DECIZIE DE SCHIMBAREA VIAȚII (Nu ne vindem catamaranul)
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31 de comentarii la „DECIZIE DE SCHIMBAREA VIAȚII (Nu ne vindem catamaranul)

  1. Just discovered and subscribed to SLV a couple of weeks ago through Kara and Nate's channel and my partner and I are hooked. All I keep doing is looking at Catamarans (don't have a clue how to sail 😂) and free diving courses lol. Love your little family too. Your vids add a little sparkle to my day and I look forward to going home every night and watching them. Keep up the amazing work! 💕🥰 P.S Lenny is a Don 🤣🥹🫶 xxx

  2. I like the charter idea alot, out of curiosity what is the "new boat build" going for a trimaran?.. been looking at the neels and maaan, making me put those extra hours in at work to get there.

  3. The Kingfish had what ? I never head of whatever youre afraid it had- sequatare? Ok read about it- hes full of it- says the flesh is contaminated, so how can a fillet avoid – that? BS. My Kingfish was always trolling, not reef.Gulf of Mexico.

  4. A wonderful decision to keep La Vagabonde 2 as a charter! I've only recently been watching but really enjoying your videos! Also I've been on NOOM Prediabetes Prevetion Program since April and have lost 15 lbs so far! Love NOOM for all the resources and personal and group coaches!

  5. You guys are the unchallenged masters of cruising lifestyle YouTube. Literally every aspect of what you do and put out in the world is worth its weight in gold. How you achieve such perfection must involve an unbelievable amount of work, drive, and mental focus. I just want to say that it is inspiring and admirable, and I feel the burn when Riley talks about the state of his brain, and as father to a young autistic boy, the stress that comes with protecting your kids from harm every minute of the day. You guys are just killing it.

  6. Love you all and your story. I've found this amazing channel in 2016 and have kept up since (had to go back and catch up). So cool that the Outremer is going to stay in-family. I hope to charter it with Jack some day.

    Also, always love the music and tunes in your episodes…but this video's music just hits different. Love it

  7. Gotta keep that influencer face tight! Especially when you live off donations like a digital panhandler. “Give us your cash and we’ll show you all the cool shit we do with it” Great deal.

  8. Wow! It's amazing how someone with so little sailing experience can call themselves a sailing instructor by trade. A piece of paper does not make one an instructor. No way would I sail under someone with such little experience.

  9. wow mention these guys sponsor ship deals with Big pharma companies and within 30 seconds the comment is gone. Wow, youve made it guys. Your part of the machine.

  10. “I’m just Lennnyyyy”! I adore that little dudes spirit. And props to Mom and Dad for staying on top of the swimming with Lenny. What a fantastic job! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  11. Such a great decision. That boat is so much better for your family and crew. I was concerned about the smaller one. As for your face, you are beautiful. I am a doctor and never noticed. So I hope you can have a successful future. You are all a delight.

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