Cowgirl-ul Yunnan preia o singură mână catamaranul de 38 de picioare.  |  Sălbatic navigație
44 1 minut 4 luni

În pregătirea pentru câteva vele mai mari care vor veni în Marea Mediterană, ea a decis să preia complet catamaranul cu vele de 38 de picioare! cum va merge? Pentru actualizări mai recente: Instagram: @wildlings_sailing Facebook: Întrebări despre afaceri: Ne susțineți? Ko-fi: PayPal: Lista de dorințe Amazon: ?ref_=wl_share Tricourile noastre:


44 de comentarii la „Cowgirl-ul Yunnan preia o singură mână catamaranul de 38 de picioare. | Sălbatic navigație

  1. Not bad but you should let the oil get a bit hotter before adding the egg. Also add some spring onions or, if you have no fresh food, dried onion and garlic.

  2. Always enjoy your work Howevver a Auick warning I was alone a and subenly found myself on the cabin soul still have no cllue how I got there ? 7weeks in hospitzall and they were still non the wiser It is thoughhthit I hit my my head veyy hard! Please be extra carful and stay aware aofwhat ccngowrong

  3. Great video love the captions mark ,I am not a sailor but I do like to see the tender on the davits rather than been dragged along behind are they easy to use .? As always thanks for bringing me along appreciated 😎

  4. Please STOPputting your boat down, the SEA gods will wreck you, beware. BE thankful you have a boat with such nice room. YOU SO need to play with your sails, YOU ARE NOT getting the most out of them, please please learn, learn. STOP the negative waves, that come out of your mouth. DO you have a big enough anchor ????? Do you dive your anchor to check the set ????? Trim, Trim is secret, tel tails is another, use old cassette tapes as tell tails.

  5. I think I know your boat, is she a Sail Craft Apache 35? Or maybe a 40. If so her previous name was Fat Pads. I could maybe help you with some history. I owned Patrick Boyd Multihulls. Msg me if I can help.

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