La bordul Solaris 40: un crucișător rapid șic, contemporan, cu un interior spațios
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După lipsa de crucișătoare de performanță de 40 de picioare din șantierele de producție în ultimii ani, Solaris a lansat un crucișător rapid spațios, cu stilul său minimalist renumit. Toby Hodges a avut o navigare rapidă. Raport complet în ediția Yachting World din iunie 2022 ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a Yachting World acum – ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre turnee, vizitați site-ul nostru: ► Dă Like pe Facebook aici – ► Urmărește-ne pe Twitter la: ► Simți-te liber sa comentezi mai jos! ► Amintiți-vă să apăsați butonul de LIKE dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


28 de comentarii la „La bordul Solaris 40: un crucișător rapid șic, contemporan, cu un interior spațios

  1. Ese atuendo me vuelve loco KISSSSSS.Uno loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantao cómo los cinturones de liga se.

  2. Toby thank you sooooo much . You don’t imagine how eager we wait for your next reviews. Please check out the new Beneteau First 44. Will be out soon as we hear 👌🏼👍🏼

  3. Spent my whole sailing career tripping over ropes and hatches. That deck was beautiful. Main cabin looks like a much bigger boat. Sweet ride.

  4. That's a great looking boat, looks like a lot of fun to sail. Love the beamy design. If it was up to me, I would steal another few feet from the bow to create a much beamier fore cabin, with a king size bed. Seems a little tight for a boat that could be a long term cruiser. Also not so sure about the helm stations, can't really sit forward and single hand steer/trim, as there's nowhere to sit. Minor points, overall I really like the look and the underdeck lines, keeps the side decks and cockpit clear.

  5. The boat looks visually much larger with this layout on deck. I even like that there is no table in front of the entrance to the lower deck

  6. Definately a Med boat. Live onboard in a nice marina and either take it out for a blast for a day or sail to the next marina for the night. A bimini would spoil the lines but 1 day in a summer Med sun would have you searching for cover …

  7. What a fantastically ugly boat, both inside and out. The whole thing looks like an unfinished design student's sketch of wht they think a boat should look like, with absolutely zero regard for practicality. Bleurgh

  8. That bright-white galley countertop is a designers mistake. The brighter the cabin, the more uncomfortable working in the galley will be, because the counterttop is reflective – working on it will feel like driving into a sunset. If you have an option, always choose a darker colour – brown or charcoal will work much better. You can prove this to yourself by trying to read a business card upside-down on a white surface – then try again on a darker surface and notice how much easier it is on the body. Boat factories put in white counter surfaces because they look good at the boat show, but it's not a smart choice in the long term.

  9. A Rustler 43 cutter doesn't have an interior that looks like a kitchen that's gone horribly wrong. The hull windows should be much shorter, less numerous, higher up and have rounded corners. Not enough stuff to grab hold of on the deck.

  10. Very nice video, thanks for sharing your impressions, Toby.
    I liked everything except the look into the anchor locker @ 1:38. I was quite shocked, to be honest. The inner side of the hull looks absolutely dreadful … uneven surfaces and what appears to be a pretty 'sloppy' composite construction (… and I hope to be wrong on this). I always thought that Solaris stands not only for great looks and performance, but also high-quality construction. This picture seems to suggest otherwise. 
    Most 'bore bones' hulls of French performance cruisers and race boats I've had a chance to see (JPK, Pogo, Sun Fast) looked much better than this. Curios to hear your thoughts on this …

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