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Bine ați venit la acest iaht frumos din Monaco! Mi-am dus prietenii și familia la Monaco pentru Marele Premiu. După cum probabil știți, eu sponsorizez o mașină de curse de Formula 2 anul acesta, așa că am decis să particip la aproape fiecare cursă din acest sezon. Numele meu este Carl Runefelt, pe acest canal vreau să te inspir arătându-ți viața mea de lux. În 2018, încă mai lucram într-un supermarket din Suedia, iar acum conduc un Bugatti și zbor cu avioane private. Orice este posibil, așa că ABONAȚI-VĂ și lăsați-vă motivat de povestea mea de succes! Curse pentru caritate: Clasament sezonier Formula 2: Mașina mea de Formula 2: CUM M-A FĂCUT BOGAT MENTALITATEA MEA: https: // I-AM DAT ASISTENTULUI MEU O GEANT DE 6.000 USD!! Sociale: Instagram: Tik Tok: #monaco #yacht #grandprix



  1. Carl, I don't mean any disrespect but you seem like you might really benefit from working on your self esteem. Maybe I'm weird but I just don't see this as being something to strive for. What happens when you have the yacht, you've eaten the caviar, you've been in Monaco…then you're sitting there…thinking why do I think that I want this….what then? Just seems a bit fake

  2. What an amazing video!! Amazing energy. Love the fact you ended the video with a small explanation about the law of assumption & quantum physics. Enjoy your abundant life and continue being great.
    888 ✨🪐🪞🧲

  3. Loving your Content mate, I'm working on my future every day. Thanks for the inspiring content. Not everyone believes in the power of Law of attraction but I'm glad your spending the word, good for you 👍

  4. It's your words at the end of this that made us physically shake & emotional.

    We have a unique story & Disociative Identity Disorder new terminology for being a Multiple due to early childhood trauma. It's a genius coping mechanism. We've been watching you since you started or start of 2017 as it was end of 2016 that we had our seizures enlightening us to this. We've then been on a massive journey becoming ok with this between us all & learning how to share the host body.

    our littlelons are so hard to access and convince of certain things. they need & like to do it their way.
    They are the ones very much in the quantum realms & us adult domesticated conditioned by society & the tangible world find it hard to communicate with them as we are also dyslexic, processing language disorder.
    Along with our other societal labels which we now accept and are grateful for as they are our gifts & give us the understanding of these AMAZING TUBULAR BODIES, QUANTUM BIO-ORGANIC COMPUTERS (with RAINBOW SPIRAL in front of the bio-quantum there for our littles). We are still navigating our physical health but always improving & that bit as its physical takes time in the 3d as it takes 7 years to completely renew every cell.

    we have different dreams to you, not on being rich we want to also be a billionaire and also trillionaire so that we can buy land, & help preserve earth & nature & other humanitarian stuff. we hope as we do all this visualisation stuff but in our own way as our internal processing models are deaf blind and dumb that this will be us in 3 years too. focussing on the smaller rungs of the ladder first though and prioritising our needs over our channels as this is most important and we use our channels to be our witness. we grow and eat our own food now too as this is what we feel hugely important for our own energetic exchange & healing.

    so what we are saying is THANK YOU FOR ACCESSING OUR LILS As its them who watch you and they listen to others over some of us like any child and parents spose so when people that they like and trust from youtube say things that agree with us it helps us all become more coconscious, connected & so coherent. Some big shifting is going to be happening over this next year. we had to leave everyone behind after the psych ward as people, friends family wouldn't listen to us and would the professionals and all we have is rare and the professionals don't understand or hold helpful knowledge or tools and we know best so its been intense and lonely but we understand the need for aloneness and learning to understand all of us and know what we will be sharing in the future will be inovation of health and self sufficiency starting with self to impact the systems & mother nature.
    did have a break for a while but back & just love your bro and your connection and love for and with him!

    we look forward, another dream, to creating the family we've never had too.
    think our other channel left you and a lot well 6 of you a message from Shinto Self Empowerment years ago might have to find that to see what it said!


  5. I don't usually get jealous by watching rich people doing super rich stuff. I rather enjoy and try to learn from them. But that master bed inside the yacht with that ocean view made me a little jealous today.

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