Trăiește la bordul unui iaht alimentat cu energie solară
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Ziua 1 de locuire la bordul unui iaht alimentat cu energie solară, livrat în 2016 de Silent Yachts în Turcia. Este echipată cu motoare electrice duble de 20 kW care sunt alimentate de baterii de 32 x 200 amperi. Panourile solare fotovoltaice produc 13KWP si este echipata si cu un generator diesel de 18kw. Vânzări și închiriere de iahturi: Alăturați-vă acestui canal pentru a obține acces la avantaje: Merchandise: https://super-yacht-captain. Muzica pe care o folosim în videoclipuri: nu acum cum, atunci te putem ajuta. Înscrieți-vă GRATUIT: Dacă vă place cu adevărat conținutul nostru și doriți să vă alăturați familiei SYC și să trimiteți mesaje cu mine direct pe WhatsApp, atunci deveniți un Patron: Social Media: #superyachtcaptain #yachtsales #mortlockyachts


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  1. So can everyone on board use tvs, charge phones, have lights on, cook, etc.. or does all that consumption take away too much from the batteries to cruise continuously? As well.. what happens on bad weather days? I assume you can cross an ocean with this due to potential bad weather and lack of sun to charge batteries enough, use water/toilets, etc?

  2. So this Silent Yacht is a bit of a misnomer. If during your cruise you need to run the generator it’s really just a hybrid power boat. Not a very fast one either as a sailing cat of the same size is probably going to be faster than 5 kts and it truly is silent. I think Silent Yachts are a cool idea that just doesn’t quite deliver.

  3. Silent Yachts have been frankly atrocious at getting irl example information out, and seemingly only ever of their old models (like this again…) or Silent 60 and none of the Silent 80.

    I wonder if the larger solar square footage of the Silent 80 and minimal increased drag might allow for better use case with less dependence on generator diesel which seems to be high on the smaller vessels…. but they utterly REFUSE to release anything on the Silent 80 outside of CGI renders 🙄 Makes me wonder if its actually viable or not.

  4. Oh I can't wait to watch the video of the 'trip around Switzerland in the Porsche'…….ffs do you realise how pretentious that actually sounds

  5. Well i talked to silent yachts and i wanted to know if they will ever come out with wind turbines for their yachts incase sun isnt shinning or in a storm you would have constant power without worrying about the panels, it would definitely be a plus for silent yachts.

  6. Solar has some obvious advantages, but range and weather anxiety is still too much of a factor imo. The acceleration in battery and solar energy innovation is inevitable and I predict we're about a decade away from this technology being more than just viable.

  7. Hello Tristan
    Is this particular yacht a factory test mule, or a well used charter yacht?
    Here and there i noticed some not so pretty signs of wear and damages…
    Things that would never have been be seen on AWOL, that’s for sure 😉

  8. This is so awesome. But a lot of boaters say you need to be able to fix your own problems out at sea. So on super yachts you have a engineer. What happens if you have a technical issue with the battery out at sea

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