AM VÂNDUT BARCA |  Sailing Miss Lone Star S14E15
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45 de comentarii la „AM VÂNDUT BARCA | Sailing Miss Lone Star S14E15

  1. Hey love your journey. May I ask what sort of camera you are using to get that great video? I doubt you're getting those great shots even with the best Samsung phone !! I' plan to soon start my own channel (unrelated to sailing), and want a known hi-performance camera. Please keep up the great adventures!

  2. I really enjoy your videos and your explorations. You are an exceptionally beautiful Woman of which you are so easy to enjoy looking at. You have a grace about you and a strong intelligence. You are doing what I would have loved to do. Please keep doing what you do

  3. It's a bit risky to be hauled up using the eye splice; safer, I think to tie a bowline which can be trusted implicitly. Also, for an extra measure of safety, use a Prusik loop on a second line as a backup. And, yes I've been up my mast several times.

  4. I recognized pretty much everywhere you stopped between Loreto & Muleg'e. My brother lives at Villa de Muleg'e, on the northern shores of Bahia Concepcion 8 miles south of Muleg'e. Y'all were within a mile of his 5,000 sq.ft Hacienda off Hwy-1. The island you passed shortly before Playa Santispac locals call Dead Dog Island. My dog Tyson's final resting place with a perfect horseshoe beach away from tourists.
    Great job with Murphy.

  5. So glad you're back in the PNW. Love your adventures. If you are in the Budd Bay area in Olympia, I'd love to visit the pirate ship and treat you to chowder or oyster stew. Several good restaurants at the docks.

  6. I like The Pirate Ship (Still waiting for you to run a pair of purple/pink bloomers up the mast as a flag to show your on board 😂🤣 💋👀👩‍🎤🧞‍♀️)

  7. Hi Miss Aubrey, when are ya going to make it official & name your floating home, "THE PIRATE SHIP!?" I guess if ya try & please every body. You could roll with, "Houdini's PIRATE SHIP" Ha! <3 😉

  8. Do you guys need some help sailing the Formosa south? I'm looking for a CHEAP 41' sailboat for myself and my dog Buddy. We would love to help out… get some experience with sailboats (powerboat guy) and ALSO I'd love to learn the VIDEO process. I'm a photographer. I'm serious… DM if you'd like to discuss. I can travel.

  9. Yaggh, stop, where is the safety line when you went up the mast? Spare halyard. If not rig one while you are there. A fall from the mast will definitely be the end. As much as you are beautiful, you are not indestructible

  10. I understand your pirate has been stripped her masts, and has been sold and is on the hard in Port Angeles, Washington. If you hurry she still might be there

  11. It was a really good deal and I couldn't pass up on the decision.
    What does that even mean? For them ??
    Cheap but I wanted out ???
    (No no. I luv you more sweetie)
    That was lucky second hand offshore gear. Just alittle old is all.
    😁 I'm sooo funny. C ya.

  12. @15:00 may I recommend attaching a downhaul one to the shackle so you can pull the measuring tape tight without concern of breaking the tape and having to retrieve the halyard from the top of the mast. Wishing you fair winds & fallowing seas ~~~

  13. Please, when going aloft, do not rely on a shackle to safe your life, tie o bowling with the halyard around your chair, then once that's tied then use the shackle. A shackle can come apart when aloft and you can fall to the deck. A bowline can not!!!!!! Be careful.

  14. Did you buy the boat with the origional masts?! If not was it cheaper?
    If you dont mind me asking was the boat very expensive?! Would love to think i could own this formosa!!!🤩

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