Biscay Crossing Part 1 - Navigație cu o singură mână din Irlanda către Spania
40 1 minut 2 luni

În cele din urmă, traversând Biscaia cu Halmatic 30, prima dată cu un singur pasaj de mai multe zile.


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  1. I was at the helm overnight from St.Malo to Dartmouth when our skipper came on deck and asked if we were making good headway . Not sure , I answered but I'm sure I've seen that wave before .

  2. These are the kinds of sailing videos that I have been looking for. Real content, about real sailing. I know that your single-handed, and so filming and working at the same time is not easy, but if you do get the chance to set your camera up so that we can see you trim your boat, that would definitely be worth doing.

  3. I really enjoy watching your honest approach to making these videos. Confronting ones fears and lack of confidence in certain circumstances is refreshing to see. Good luck

  4. I love the idea of sailing like this but I'm a little long in the tooth now …….how the hell do people solo around the world ?????

  5. Sailed Biscay in Oct ,terrifying A sub popped up in middle on no where amazing. Never seen such big waves ,not ashamed to say praying for darknes to not see the sea

  6. Great video(s), and I'm following along what looks like a great adventure. I'm out of Malahide myself and would love to start doing some solo stuff if/when I could find the time…

  7. A few Halmatic 30s have crossed the pond and back, she looks quite stable considering wind and waves. Good to listen to how you settled into the 15 min routine.

  8. Grass roots sailing, no boat tour, no personal context, just a man on a boat on the deep. Slocum couldn’t have done it grittier. Ripper mate🤙⛵️

  9. Thanx a lot for these special impressions from Your trip across the Celtic Sea. It‘s great fun and entertainment, but also lessons learning watching this. Thank You very much and Good Luck all the way!

  10. Great video, hats off doing solo, 15:3015:37 just sat pissing myself laughing as you commented all going well etc and the noise in the background of all your gear flying around the salon and you are calm. Brilliant. Definitely watching more, keep it up. Safe travels.

  11. Great videos!! Just got into sailing having my first try tomorrow. Be great to know more about the boat and your background, these videos are making me want a boat !

  12. I recall crossing Biscay circa 1950 in a destroyer and HMS Glory (aircraft carrier) passed us shipping water over her flightdeck and she reported us as being a submarine, gets a trifle rough at times.

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