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Pentru a urmări Yachts For Sale pe Instagram: Pentru a vă înscrie la buletinul informativ Yachts For Sale: Bering Yachts are un cult aproape ca urmărirea, în parte datorită acoperirii uimitoare din partea unor mari YouTuber, dar mai ales datorită faptului că construiesc niște iahturi fantastice. M-am uitat bine la facilitățile lor de producție și am avut, de asemenea, o discuție cu fermecătorul și simpaticul CEO și fondator, Alexey Mikhaylov.



  1. Your best video I've ever enjoyed and I'm a big fan! I fell in love with this builder instantly for all the reasons you state. These boats are likely to remain a fantasy desire due to the total cost of ownership, it's daunting for all but the billionaire. I dream of owning an 80, but I'm smitten by what that 145 is going to look like when finished! I dream like all of us, of cruising the entire world at my liesure, any conditions any coastline. Just soaking it all in. A captain and wife team with their quarters as big as the other suits right behind the helm. Generous room for three more crew. Living on the boat, repleshing supplies, making repairs, keeping this lifestyle on track! I'm sure its not easy or economical. Yeah, I live this life vicariously through quality videos like yours and of course N.S. I hope you will follow their build of a 75. It would be a dream come true to own and operate these ships, however the video insight you create is a delicious and satisfying substitute.

  2. I just got to say i have always love the look of Bering since i seen one in 2017 in the keys, I have watched all kinds of videos about Bering, i wish i could afford one, love the 77 and the 80, my dream is to win lotto and buy one and see the world I'm ex-navy nothing engineer nothing about a boat or sea i haven't seen. love to cruise the world in my own yacht. Great videos keep it up sir can't wait for the next.

  3. I get it that he's a businessman, and profit is the name of the game. Building in Turkey is not an accident though. The country is a global graveyard of decommissioned vessels, a good source of materials to build the new yachts. Labor costs are also poultry compared to other reputable shipyards around the world

  4. Bering has a unique look and style, which is very difficult it seems with all the other brands. Bering is the most ship like among yachts, and built like tanks. I love them, and it's a crime that not more walk throughs are available of the entire Bering fleet.

  5. Was introduced to Alexey on NautiStyles channel. He just seems like a very down to Earth, nice guy that wants to make the yacht he feels is the safest yacht made. Their yachts are truly impressive.

  6. Bering has solidified their company. Not everyone that loves his yachts can buy one but some of his fans can. He’s booked up for a couple years.

  7. Focuses on safety
    Lets youtubers do full facility tours
    Makes its own furniture
    Loves perfectly polished stainless steel

    Now that's my kind of yacht! I could listen Alexei talking about yachts for hours

  8. Much better presentation. Not having to listen to a yammering, preening “Hey, check out my butt!” ditz made it very informative and enjoyable. Especially without cutesy interruptions as well.

  9. How? First step is to run from mother ruSSia, a terrorist state. And then you sell your boats to the very same people that make life in moscovia unbearable – all the corrupted high and middle class officials, governors, secret service and the rest of the bio garbage.

  10. We're bearing quality and knowledge they should be Built-in pocket yachts you ought for people like Myself they can't afford a huge yacht, But Liz close to the American river and could go cruising all over the San Francisco Bay andfrancisco bay and the Sacramento river But Liz close to the American river and could go cruising all over the San Francisco Bay andfrancisco bay and the Sacramento river With 2 or 3 passengers

  11. Alexei and Bering really put a lot of other yacht builders to shame. Be it the safety of the boats themselves, the redundancy of every system, the designs and not at last the price points. The honest openness and down to earth approach of Alexei and his company is a really refreshing thing to see in an industry in dire need for exactly this.

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