Croazieră cu barca de iarnă la nord de Sydney #bărci din lemn sunt mai bune,#navigație ,#croazieră cu barca
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Continuați, așezați-vă în jurul focului, beți un pahar și bucurați-vă de o croazieră cu barca de iarnă în jurul Pittwater, la 1 oră nord de Sydney, cu o istorie interesantă introdusă. Muzică: Mulțumiri speciale lui Mike Vass pentru folosirea muzicii sale frumoase. Infinty-Lemmino, încălcând drepturile de autor. Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: QCKWMTJYUGREQGFL Sphere- Mike Vass Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): https://uppbeat .io/t/hey-pluto/golden-hour Cod de licență: 2XM3YLHJLI1XZ0R4 Better Days- Bensound Music de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Licență cod: 1RP9F618MARC2HNW Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: T5XYWFGVODRQFOYM Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): https://uppbeat. io/t/richard-smithson/always-rising Cod de licență: C5ZML5EB4IQDNFO9


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  1. Hi Paul, I used to sail in those waters some years ago .
    As I was growing up and we had a place on Lake Eildon I said if I could find a place like lake Eildon but it was Salt water and you could go to sea with out having to worry about bars or Port Phillip heads , would move there.
    And that place is Pittwater.
    But I am still in Melbourne.
    And buy the way , buy my Count you now have 3 boats.

  2. Paul. A tidy tip. I used half inch ribbon as tell-tails in shrouds. Fastened using a simple clove hitch at one end OR twice the length and tying the clove hitch half way down thereby giving two flying ends. K.I.S.S John.

  3. Hi Paul. Really enjoy your videos. I have a Willow Bay Shilling two berth gaff yawl in Birdham Pool, Chichester Harbour, here in the UK. Appreciate the effort you put into the production. It takes time to shoot all the angles without a film crew! Enjoy the summer. Paul.

  4. Thanks for replying to my last comment ref sailing an Enterprise on the South Coast. You mentioned Guildford, my home town. We could have been buddies in our youth and not known it. Happy sailing.

  5. Hello Paul – thanks as always for the trip/ride! Hey yourTorqeedo – Paul have you thought about upgrading your motor to the new one that will charge your battery when leaving the prop in the water while sailing? I will be keeping my engine up but I'm leaning toward Torqeedo for Liberte', ILUR #150. I can't get out Lewes inlet unless the tide is with me both ways… Rob

  6. Thanks for another great relaxing armchair sail Paul. Looks like you picked perfect winter sailing days. Always enjoyable scenery shots, your commentary, food reviews & historical info are all very interesting.

  7. Good to see you on the water Paul, and nice to chat back at Brooklyn after that flog back. A great day to be on the water and thanks for the video! Those historic pictures are excellent. Interestingly the torpedoes used from the range there were the old Mark 8's. They were introduced into service in 1927 and the torpedo used right into the 80s (in fact the General Belgrano was sunk with the Mark 8 by the Brits during the Falklands War in 1982! – they used the old Mark 8 because it had a huge bang-bit compared to the modern weapons). Hope to see you out there again some time!

  8. The mystery of the mizzen mast/sail…. Do you just, "set it & forget it", or what? What active purpose does it serve? I'd like to know… Thanks!

  9. Paul, where did you learn to sail with a mizzen?

    I noticed a fair bit of weather helm on the video, I sailed a Yawl the other month and complained of weather helm.

    I was told to let the mizzen out so there was less drag created by the rudder.

    I've been looking for an authority on Gaf Yawl sailing to explain things, any suggestions anyone?

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