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Urmărește-ne pe Instagram! Urmăriți –c’est normal™– pentru a fi la curent cu Următoarea picătură: Urmăriți vlogurile lui Janni aici: Obțineți gențile noastre minunate aici: Obțineți muzica noastră aici: https :// Urmărește mai multe vloguri în această listă de redare:… Întrebări de afaceri: MY SPEED YACHT VS. MAREA BALTICĂ! | VLOG 78 Produs de Jon Olsson & Moaci Lopes :


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  1. You need backups on everything. Including the steering wheel. Prepare for the worst, the sea is not a place to take unnecessary risks. Also, on a brand new boat why not test it thorougly very close to cost and help and a harbourgh? Like the first X hours. The plus side is your followers will learn a lot about boating!

  2. Admire the positive attitude no matter what the circumstances. The good spirit of your and your family's/friends' reactions to life's introductions add to the enjoyment of viewing your vlogs.
    Somehow I did not catch the earlier identities of the 2 other guys with you, but they certainly seem to be comfortable yachting.

  3. You should definitely have a secondary set of props on board especially if you plan on doing long distances like this because its not uncommon for these cleavers to break, especially in rough water if you dont throttle it when the boat leaves the water the re-entry is what causes the prop to break.

  4. You should definitely put some sort of cover over the other steering column incase of and accident or some handles for the passenger to hold onto!

  5. Estaba mirando como sacaste la tuerca dela hélice y se me hace raro que tuerca no tuviera ningún seguro como por ejemplo un pasador o alambre de seguro para que no se afloje y pierdas la tuerca y la hélice tengo dudas
    Espero que vaya bien el prototipo y pedazo locura de semejante lancha te envidian los dela costa del sol ☺️😅

  6. As I told when you got the boat….. you will sell it after the summer and now you definitely will do it I think. Sadly that you shall divorce …. The life in a relation is hard some times and it just to go tru it and then will it be ok again in the relation try again and I promise it work. The grass is not more green on the other side ….

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