Deal with lead - Ep 9 Sailing ORIYO
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Bună, băieți, Săptămâna aceasta ținem pasul cu construcția chilei cu unul dintre cei mai importanți pași, care este topirea și turnarea plumbului în structura de oțel a chilei. Săpăm în diferite probleme pe care le-am întâlnit pe parcurs, în special despre biata noastră chilă veche. Sper că te vei distra! Stephanie & Valery Bună, Suntem Stéphanie și Valéry, povestea noastră începe la greu când găsim o barcă neglijată în sudul Franței. Urmați reparația completă a acestei bărci vechi, care va necesita atât de multe lucrări atente și intense cu barca. Vino alături de noi pentru a călători prin această călătorie în noua noastră viață de navigator. Site: Instagram Sailing ORIYO: Instagram Valéry:


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  1. That's a great and really unique episode. The keel structure looks great and the fault analysis of the old keel was very interesting. The chainsaw attempt created an ugly mess of lead chips in need of thorough cleanup, but other than that it looks like safe and successful work. I was curious how you would melt a big amount so it would not take forever, but you went with a working process and patience – there are always many ways to reach a goal. Did you embed something, like a coin, in the keel? Finally, I just love your artful shots. This channel should attract many subscribers soon! 🙂

  2. That looks like a lot of hot and dirty work! As others have said, you are very brave and determined to cast a new keel by yourselves! Best of luck and hope neither of you are injured in this work…! Regards.

  3. Oh boy, this is crazy stuff my friends. Every episode I just feel more lucky that I've found you guys. This is another level DIY. Take care of each other and see you in two weeks. Salut

  4. I always wondered how someone could DIY a keel–-now I know! Labor intensive, for sure, but I would imagine there is quite a savings by self 'keeling' your boat. I kept looking for a "lead", but shortly figured your were talking about the material and not something to attach to a critter 🙂 Good luck with the rest–-I will be watching as you pop up on my "To Watch List".

  5. Wow, big job.
    It would be interesting to see the cost difference now that you have made your own keel. Perhaps you could share the information on costs in future episodes..
    Thanks for bringing us along on your journey.

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