Iahtul Abramovici se întunecă |  Yacht cu vele scufundat după accident |  Ep111 Știri SuperYacht
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46 de comentarii la „Iahtul Abramovici se întunecă | Yacht cu vele scufundat după accident | Ep111 Știri SuperYacht

  1. 13:43 Wrong name tag.

    Yepp, Octopus is one of my favorites too, not for looks but for being a capable expedition vessel and not just a pleasure vessel, though I'm sure it is very comfortable too.

  2. If the Search and Rescue Harbor crash had been under command with a professional crew, where were the 5 short blasts of the horns to warn of impending collision. There is a least this dereliction of duty. Add to this, no appearance of an effort to avoid collision.

  3. AXIOMA value
    Is it too early for the results of your poll.
    The original asking price 2 years ago was 70 million, that was too high and did not sell. A today's realistic price would be around 40 , but it's an auction.so then only worth 70%… so thats 28, and because it's russian half that, so we now have it worth 14 million BUT still has the running costs of 70,. Equals no sale

  4. Hi there I am on a sailing vessel in San Diego harbor the Geep and the Russian yacht Amadea at 12:30pm. anchored right in front of North Island military base when it pulled up the yacht Anawa was anchored right to the south of it and pulled up anchor right when the other yacht was anchoring. Is now on its way to Catalina Island. Just thought you might like to know

  5. I'm new here and I won't drift from topic again. I was gifted my first "boat" at 10 years old. 13' alumacraft with a 5hp Scott Atwater outboard. We lived in Ft. Lauderdale so from the start I explored thousands of miles of coastline and waterways. Over the next 55 years I've owned many boats to vessels. My super yacht was a 55' Chris Craft Constellation. During the course of my experience my curriculum vitae was punctuated with Bertrams to Magnums etc. My point is this: I know enough to know what's fun and correct. THANK YOU for bringing me back to the water. When I sold my last boat due to illness, 11 years ago, and I've missed being on the water. I'm also particularly about not listening to "wannabes" pretending to know vessels or Yachts. I enjoy your etiquette as well as your ethics. And I really enjoy your articulate descriptions of operations, maintenance, costs and venues. Yachts, as well as places I would never have enjoyed, are now in my "been there" book. Thank you again.

  6. Sanctions doesn't mean anything it's all lies from the US and the UK. Thanks for the information and to help on who ask questions why are you doing it. Thanks

  7. The Spanish vessel that sank the sailing yacht is responsible for proper maintenance on their vessel. A mechanical failure is not a reason for them not being liable, which is what it sounds like they are trying to do. The poor handling of the vessel is poor seamanship. Any repairs needed to the yacht should be paid by Spain.

  8. Love it…according to YT Abramovitch or whatever his bloody name is, seems to own almost every boat in the ruddy world…a whole huge fleet…a navy…lol…😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Very interesting video ! Thank you for the info …. I can’t use the information but it is interesting to see the
    Mega rich take a hit ! Damn the bad luck –

  10. While the rescue ship was possibly mechanically impaired, the operators could have at least hit the horns, and should have dropped anchors. The only excuse could have been panic or inebriation, and both point to poor training, an unqualified operator, or dereliction of duty.

  11. Is it just me wondering Why Turkey is Supplying Ukraine with the very effective Bayraktar Drones being used to Destroy so many Russian Military Vehicles and Warehouses full of Ammunition and Munitions, and yet they will allow Russian Yachts to Dock in Turkey to avoid sanctions??? I don't get it? lol.

  12. Could a boat carry a thing that's raised and lowered like a keel, but it goes perpendicular to the length of the boat, and it can be quickly lowered into the water to stop (or slow) its motion in an emergency? i.e., a braking system for a boat

  13. Another reason the vessels are not moving could be that the owners are working desperately to save their fortunes in a bad economy, and they can't take the time off to go yachting. There's only so much you can do over the Internet, after all.

  14. Why were Eclipse and Halo allowed to leave Antigua, if they were being held under sanctions? It seems they have been "released" from any penalty and have fled to (financial) safety.
    How is this allowed? Again, this owner, seems to get quite a few 'special' priveliges.

  15. In the actual anti-Russian atmosphere, you potentially put the crew at risk by constantly reporting the position of their vessels on your channel.
    I guess they switch their AIS off just because of you !

  16. Turkey is a NATO country , so if the situation heats up and NATO gets involved in Ukraine then things will get very "interesting" for all those Russian super yachts.

  17. There should be NO safe HAVEN for any Oligarch’s Super Yacht, I’ve heard that in America there preparing to sell some of these Yacht’s ? Don’t know how true this but considering that these Oligarchs are loyal to Putin I wouldn’t be surprised, the sale of the Yacht’s can either buy Ukraine 🇺🇦 weapons or go to the massive rebuild of the country that will be needed after this WAR .

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