Îmbrăcăminte Opțional la barul de nisip din Bahamas!

Îmbrăcăminte Opțional la barul de nisip din Bahamas!

Am navigat către abacos și am luat feribotul către Elbow Cay și Hopetown din Bahamas! Pentru 16 mese gratuite cu HelloFresh în 7 cutii ȘI 3 cadouri gratuite, folosește codul SAILINGDOODLES16 la https://bit.ly/3tfbiop! Acest canal este finanțat de spectatori ca tine. Vă rugăm să ne ajutați să menținem acest canal creând conținut grozav devenind un patron http://www.patreon.com/sailingdoodles Donați prin Paypal pentru a ajuta http://www.paypal.me/sailingdoodles


28 thoughts on “Îmbrăcăminte Opțional la barul de nisip din Bahamas!

  1. 13:20. Dude, at a minimum, you need a mask and stewart when handling other people's poop. And you contaminated your tools by using them with your rubber gloves on. At least spray some water/bleach solution on everything you touched. The whole boat is contaminated now

  2. You could be amazed what you can do do refresh a starter motor. These days no one bothers, just replace it. About 25yrs ago I was working in the US and a friend who was an Auto Electrician was moaning about how much a starter was going to cost him. I asked if he had had a look at it? He just said its dead we just replace them. I pulled it, cleaned it paying attention to cleaning the gaps in the commutator. It lasted him another 4 months travelling across the US.

  3. Spray bleach dude!!!
    Always have spray bleach on hand to blast everything as you go. Also get a pair of longer medium duty gloves in addition to those disposable latex gloves for this type of work, or chemical work.

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