Imagini șocante ale incendiului de iaht |  De ce atâtea incendii?  |  Ep114 Știri SuperYacht
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  1. Don't know about the other boats, but that fire on a brand new boat was likely something manufactured or installed incorrectly. Maybe a pinched wire that chaffed through or something. It's too bad.

  2. well, actually, its no surprise; seeing as how so many of these yachts with ruskie based/connected owners are getting seized and/or no one is allowed to sell them any gas, better to get insurance claim money than have it seized, eh.

  3. Good to know all are well from the ship. As you were talking, I was nervous watching some smaller boats as I thought they were awfully close to the burning ship, Thank you so much for the info. It is fascinating to hear your expertise. 👏🏻

  4. The famous interior designers of these superyachts need to be better educated on the flammability of interior furnishings and insurance ought to pay more attention to this too.

  5. I began following this channel when the Russian sanctions went into effect. I've seen a number of these super yachts in various ports and even here in the US. I really appreciate the information you give us. While not a conspiracy nut, I do find it unusual that so many fires and sinking are occurring. When I served in the US Navy I was part of the Damage Control/Fire team when in port. Fires are a constant threat when at sea and everyone was trained in basic techniques in case of emergencies. Again, thanks for the constant updates.

  6. INSURANCE Claims. Also, I am sure that luxury shipyards have ZERO problem inflating costs to allow owners to launder millions upon millions of Dollars/Euros….and wait for it…..Rubles….Eat, Burn and Sink the Rich

  7. What the hell is going on in the yachting world? Is this number of sinking's, and accidents, and fires, and collisions, normal in one year?! This has to be coordinated some how. Seems some group is cashing in on the insurance policies.
    Unbelievable coincidences don't just happen by themselves. What's really going on?

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