PRINS CU PANTALII JOS!  Episodul nostru final de navigație • S2:Ep34
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Acesta este ultimul episod Sailing din sezonul 2 al nostru și ieșim cu brio! BAT LIFE toamna este destul de contrast cu vara aici în Marea Egee și tenacitatea noastră este din nou testată, deoarece vremea devine foarte imprevizibilă… Lasă-ne un comentariu! și dacă ești nou aici, te rog să dai LIKE, SUBSCRIBE și să spargi clopoțelul pentru mai multe videoclipuri! Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin – multă dragoste tuturor De la Ross, Laura, Joshy și Noah x Site-ul nostru – Patreon – /join/sailinghollyblue Riginos – Site web BOATFIT: ** REDUCERE DE 50% LA PRIMA LUNĂ CU ACEST COD: BF50 ** YouTube: .com/channel/UCqyvL4gh-QG2vS6Kt6YUR5Q Alte MEDII: Instagram: .colledge/ Facebook: LAURA ONLINE COACHING Instagram: @lauraj_fitforlife Twitter: @LauraJFitforlife Pagina de Facebook: Laura J Fitforlife Servicii de dieta, fitness și coaching de viață @laurajfitnesspage Muzica este de aici: https:/ / Cântec introductiv: TheFatRat – Close To The Sun 🤘 – #Boatlife #Sailing #S2Ep34


47 de comentarii la „PRINS CU PANTALII JOS! Episodul nostru final de navigație • S2:Ep34

  1. 🙋‍♂️SV Holly Blue. Laura & Ross, I've enjoyed following your adventures all this season. Every episode was worth watching but this one is special. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in this morning but IMHO this one is perfectly done. (I so wanted to say perfectly baked.😁) Great balance of "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly."
    Laura, I like it best when you're just a lovely sailor but in this one you proved that when the stuffs in the fan you can be a right proper sailor. 👍👍 Ross, might I suggest that we not get caught with your pants down too often. It looks good on Laura, not so much on you. 😉 I have to admit that I loved it in this video though. Great job/save on all accounts.
    Y'all enjoy the off season. I for one am looking forward to where next season takes you. 🙏
    Fair winds from the northern Gulf of Mexico 🙋‍♂️

  2. Already looking forward to the next season. BTW Ross, I don't know of one sailor that hasn't had the problem of a weird wind pushing us down on a lee shore. I still shiver remembering when my anchor didn't hold on a shale bottom. Laura, you are a beautiful woman, raising a wonderful family, and enjoying life with your husband at the same time. Don't stop. Seek beautiful anchorages, swim naked and be free. Love your channel!

  3. Always love seeing your journeys and showing us how level and flat our world really is, not a curve on the horizon or in the distance. Stay safe and can't wait for the next adventure 🙂

  4. When you’re paddling your canoe you need to learn the ‘J’ stroke. Saves switching from side to side. Enter your paddle as normal, but at the end swing the paddle in towards you in the shape of a J, turning the blade through 90 degrees parallel to the canoe. This will correct the tendency to change direction. True! Try it.

  5. Since I think Ross looks like Bradley Cooper, 😉, this would have been the perfect episode for him to start singing “Shallow”. Also the tooth fairy writing with the left hand trick. We (my wife and I) keep saying what a beautiful family you guys are. Much love.

  6. Holly Blue … is this 2021 season ? am confused with dates that it’s november and end of season … if so look forward to seeing your 2022 season soon xx

  7. Congratulations on another great season! ⛵️ You have come a long way and can’t wait to see what you are up to next. Fantastic job on the filming and editing as well, high quality content 👍

  8. I have watched all two seasons and have enjoyed watching you all grow the last two years. I am sitting here watching the last episode and the funniest thing just hit me…….. Why are you guys always drinking coffee and not tea?? LOL

  9. Wow, what a great episode, super exciting. Having spent time in Kefalonia I know just how unpredictable the weather can be in that part of the world.
    Love the gappy teeth, what a great age! and the beautifully chosen music. Leros….home from home! See you guys on the next one x

  10. Hi Guys, it is a while since I got to watch you. Thanks for a happy and also very true life depiction of what happens in the Med.
    Thank goodness I had just finished my dinner, the upside down cake looked great.
    I am at anchor in Vliho and your video has been perfect to watch with an Ouzo with squeezed lemon and water in hand.
    It is amusing to be sitting in a heatwave and watch you talk about November. Between that and the ouzo I think it is time to put on the anchor light.
    Hugh compliments to you judgements and skill. The Med is not an easy place to be afloat. So well done to you.
    We last met when you were looking for a laundry. Any chance you are still somewhere not too far away?
    Thanks for what so many might not realise is an excellent portrayal of life on board in the Med.
    Best wishes to you all. Stay safe.

  11. I enjoy your video, especially the kids with the family. I hope your title means the start of a new season. I hope you're not quiting sailing. I was hoping to see Laura swim naked, too.

  12. I literally just found your channel. I hope this is not true. I really enjoyed the video and will go back to catch up. I hope to see more of you guys and the little guys, soon. Thank You for what you do

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